Life’s Journey From Radhe to Mama!

Call it a coincidence of history or the anguished SOS cry of a distressed, degenerated and dehumanized mankind that after the horrible holocaust of the First World War, a divine messenger of love and peace descended upon the holy land of India, in 1919. Jewel of a girl, Radhe, was born to mother Rocha and father Pokhar Das at Amritsar. In the midst of elder sister, Parvati, and younger sister, Gopi, a little doll swinging in the cradle of love and affection, bloomed from a tiny bud into a flower.

Parvati had been married earlier. Pokhar Das was a big merchant of gold and silver and also a wholesale dealer in Desi Ghee. His business empire extended to as far as Bombay, Madras and Ceylon. He suffered such a huge loss in business that he turned a bankrupt. This caused a massive heart attack to which he succumbed prematurely. Therefore, Radhey and her family had to shift to her maternal house at Hyderabad (Sindh), when she was barely fourteen.

Right from childhood, Radhe had a razor-sharp intelligence and personality of multifaceted splendour. She always topped in every class and was equally adept in singing and dancing. Radhe alone got the first prize in every competition in school. Her favorite song was: “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, …..”, to the tune of which, she danced a perfect sequence.

She was fond of wearing English Dresses – white frock of different designs and an effeminate hat on her head. She was fond of latest fashion; whenever new and excellent dresses appeared in the market, Radhe was the first to buy and wear it. Every day she had a new frock as the school dress. Radhe had very long, dense and black hair, a plump body, fair complexion, attractive features, a supernatural glow in her eyes; a soothing smile always illumined her face, her look was very sweet, full of warm affection.

When she spoke, which was little, it so appeared that flowers of wisdom trickled down from her mouth. She was full of vigour and vitality. All in all, Radhe owned a very powerful, wonderful and attractive personality.

Radhe had studied in Kundan Mall Model School at Hyderabad (Sindh) up to Matriculation. Dadi Prakashmani, who presently is the Chief of the Brahmakumaris organisation, was her class fellow and they used to sit on the same bench but there was no close friendship. What a contrast! One was a doll of fashion, while the other was simple, plain, straight, modest girl – yet there was definitely a mutual attraction and spontaneous affection between them.

Another sister of Radhe’s mother, named Dhyani, too had lost her husband and she also had come to her parental house at Hyderabad (Sindh). There was much grieving at home since two sisters had lost their husbands. Whenever the two widows met each other, they used to exchange their tale of woes and cry in grief. The whole atmosphere was immersed in sorrow and the mood was surcharged with gloom and depression. Their third sister was the mother of Dadi Shantamani, who is now In-charge of BKs’ Shantivan complex. Mama’s maternal house was in the same locality in which Dada Lekhraj and his wife Jasoda Mata lived. Dadi Shantamani’s mother would often visit her two sisters to console them. Once, when she was returning after meeting them, she had a chance meeting with Jasoda Mata on the road.

On hearing the tale of woes of her sisters from her, Jasoda Mata invited her to attend “Geeta Satsang” by Dada Lekhraj at her house. She also advised her to introduce the knowledge to her sisters so that they might also experience peace of mind. Dada Lekhraj used to elaborate the essence in the verses of Geeta, in simple words, easy expression and interesting manner. He used to explain the relationship of physical body, the soul and the Supreme Soul in such a simple, easy and forceful manner that it got permanently embedded in the mind and heart of the listeners.

Both at the start and at the end of the Geeta Satsang, Dada used to articulate the humming sound of “Om,” in such a mystic manner that it produced a celestial vibration in the physical body. The listeners experienced that they were the soul, as distinct from the physical body.

Dadi Shantamani’s mother attended the satsang and found it quite beneficial and her whole family got interested. On her persuasion, both her sisters also attended the satsang and got mental peace and spiritual enlightenment. The Supernatural realisation brought about such a miraculous transformation in the life of the two widows that they stopped bewailing and crying. A wave of joy and zeal, of vigour and vitality, of hope and will to live, returned in their life.

On seeing such a miracle in the life of her mother and mausi (mother’s sister), Radhe was so much influenced that from the very next day, she began to accompany them to Geeta Satsang. Her interest turned from being a doll of fashion to becoming an angel of love and peace. When Dada saw a new girl in the Geeta Satsang, on the very first day, he obtained her introduction out of curiosity. Dada instantly realised that she was the very Radhe who had to become the torchbearer of the Gyan Yagya. Dada began to administer special dosage of Gyan upon Radhe and entrusted her the work of singing hymns in Geeta Satsang. Radhe had cultivated such a perfect art of articulating the humming sound of “Om” that the listeners became spell bound, landed into a world of meditation through a celestial vibration in their physical bodies, and came face to face with their soul. The attendance in Geeta Satsang progressively increased. The spell of Radhe had clicked. People started addressing her as “Om Radhe”. Dada too called her “Om Radhe” and sometimes “Beti”(daughter).

Om Radhe was an accomplished singer. Her oratory skills were also powerful and logical. After some time, Dada had to go to Kashmir along with his family. In his absence, he had entrusted the entire responsibility of running the Geeta Satsang to Om Radhe and she discharged the same with admirable success and popularity. One day, when Om Radhe was humming the sound of “Om”, Gopi went into a trance, had a divine vision of Sri Krishna and began to dance in joyous radiance. That was the first divine vision in a state of trance in the Satsang. Later, several others had such an experience.

When Dada returned from Kashmir, he felt elated at the incredible success and popularity of the Satsang. Gopi saw in him the vision of Sri Krishna and in Om Radhe the vision of Sri Anuradha. Gopi began to perform a circular dance around them (Ras Leela), associated with the legend of Sri Krishna. At that time, Dada proclaimed: “Children, you have to go to heaven, the capital of Sri Krishna and hence you have to lead a life of purity (Chastity). That stirred up a hornet’s nest among married women, whose husbands vehemently protested against such a distress, leading to frequent quarrels in their house. There were protests, opposition, picketing and coercive encirclement etc. Dada in such critical and trying circumstances, used to depute Om Radhe to convince people and to pacify their frayed tempers. She invariably succeeded in her mission with her sharp intelligence, tactful approach, argumentative skill and disarming courtesy. Dada took the stand that whatever the Supreme Soul directed, he uttered and did; nothing of his own. That was in 1936, when Radhe was just 17.

When Dada’s daughter, now known as Dadi Nirmal Shanta (presently In-charge of Eastern Zone), influenced by the divine knowledge came to stay with him, with the aim of following the spiritual path, Dada placed her under the affectionate care of Om Radhe. Dada told his daughter to consider Om Radhe as her Mom, because she was looking after her as a mother does. Thus Dadi Nirmal Shanta used to call Om Radhe as Mama and also treated her as such. Such was the motherly instinct of Om Radhe even at that tender age that in course of time everyone used to address her as Mama, and Dada too called her so.

Gradually it became clear to the followers of this divine path that Incorporeal God Shiva was disseminating the esoteric knowledge through the corporeal medium of Dada Lekhraj. With the passage of time, Incorporeal God Shiva revealed through Dad Lekhraj the secrets of the Eternal World Drama, the secrets of Creation, Operation and Destruction of the world, the Time Cycle of 5000 years and other spiritual mysteries, hitherto unknown and renamed him Prajapita Brahma. His divine discourses (Shrimat) held sway over myths, dogmas and rituals. Mama imbibed this spiritual knowledge and propagated it so lucidly that it captivated the listeners. Thus, the mission of Brahma Kumaris grew in acceptance, recognition, strength, success and popularity Mama came to be known as Yagya Mata Jagdamba Saraswati.

Such is the legend of Mama, in short, very-very short, as her mystic contribution in a life span of 46 years would fill the pages of volumes after volumes. She left her mortal coil on 24th June 1965, now celebrated as Mama’s sweet Remembrance Day.

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