Dehi Abhimani –Soul Consciousness: The Living and Virtuous Form

The Father says: Renounce all bodily relationships and have the faith
that you are a soul. Have a soul conscious intellect filled with faith.

Any task can be accomplished successfully when the intellect makes an accurate decision at the right time. However, the power to decide only works properly when the mind and intellect are clean and there is no rubbish in them. Therefore, finish the rubbish with the power of yoga and make the intellect clean. Any type of weakness is dirt. Even the slightest waste thought is rubbish. When this rubbish is removed, you will remain carefree and then because you have a clean intellect, you will attain success in your task.

You have to play your part and you have to become soul conscious while
doing so.

To know the soul and to know the supreme soul is a difficult subject. It is the easiest of all but also the most difficult of all! No matter how much science people teach through which people go to the moon, that is nothing compared to this knowledge. It is very difficult to know oneself and the Father….This is the main thing to understand. All other knowledge enters everyone’s intellect…This cycle is very easy and so you understand it. However there isn’t as much benefit in understanding the cycle as there is in having the faith that you are a soul and remembering the Father. He is the Bestower of Salvation.
Only by remembering Him will your sins be absolved.

The Father’s orders are: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. I am a point. I came here and became an actor. I am covered with the rust of the five vices. I am in the Iron Age, I now have to go to the Golden Age. Therefore remember the Father with a lot of love. By remembering the Father in this way, the rust will be removed. This requires effort… What is the soul? How is a part of 84 births recorded in him? And how that too is
imperishable! No one remains engrossed in the yoga of remembering these things, of considering oneself a point and remembering the Father through which the sins are absolved. If they were to stay in remembrance, they would become very lovely… Baba understands that children only spin the knowledge of the cycle intheir intellect. Very few people practice this: I am a soul, I have to have yoga with the Father through which I will come out of the Iron Age and go to the Golden Age. If your yoga is not accurate, there has to be punishment from Dharmaraj. This is a very important subject that no one is able to take up. They consider themselves to be very clever with knowledge. There is no doubt
about that. The main thing is yoga. Many are very weak in yoga. This is why the Father says: remain very cautious! Don’t just become a pundit. The Father gives an order: Manmanabhav! This is the great mantra. Consider yourself to be a star and also consider the Father to be a star and remember Him.

There is effort in becoming soul conscious…when you sit down for remembrance, many storms create obstacles. It is with great difficulty that you sit down for constant remembrance for even half an hour. You repeatedly forget. True incognito effort is required for this. You cannot become a bead of the rosary just by explaining the history and geography of the world. It is only through remembrance that you can become a bead.

A yogi stage is required. Become a charitable soul from a sinful soul. The soul will become pure through yoga. If you consider yourself to be a soul and continue to remember the Father, peace can spread everywhere. Those who are soul conscious remain very peaceful. They understand they have to go into silence and that they have to go and reside in the incorporeal world. We are now completing our part. They consider the form of the Father to be a tiny point. Baba is very tiny. Only He is the Knowledge-full One and the Bestower of Salvation for All. I, the soul, am also becoming knowledge-full. Only when you have such thoughts can you claim a high status.

The heart (conscience) is in the soul. The soul has to attach the heart to the Father… It is the duty of the soul to attach the heart. Consider yourself to be a soul and attach your heart to the Father. The soul is very subtle and tiny and plays a part. This is nature. That part can never be erased. It is very subtle. Even when you try not to, you remember big things. I, the soul, am a tiny star and the Father is just as tiny. This is the effort you children have to first make… This is the way to purify the soul.

It is through remembrance that you have to become charitable souls from
sinful souls.

With the power of yoga, transform your bad sanskars and imbibe good sanskars.

What should the objective be of the subject of yoga? Yoga means achievement of the objective through the power of remembrance. Through the power of yoga there will be an experience of a difficulty that is about to come before it comes. But because it is known beforehand there is never defeat. In the same way, the burden of old sanskars is destroyed through the power of yoga. No sanskar will take the form of an obstacle in effort. What you call nature will not take the form of an obstacle.

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