Ocean of love

Baba says, ‘I am the Ocean of Love and I am making you into oceans of love‘. Never think of causing sorrow to anyone.

I, the soul, had been thirsting for many births for true, imperishable Godly love. I experience that now in this confluence age. In bhakti, I had become a beggar of love, begging for just a drop of the Ocean of love. Now, as His child, I change from a beggar to one with a right- God’s love is my birthright.

In the world, souls are still searching for love. It is the thing souls need most. When love isn’t present, life is tasteless. Love is such an elevated feeling that people say: love is God and God is love. They think of love at the same elevated level as God but, they don’t have the experience.

‘You have to give your brothers and sisters the experience’, says Baba. You have to give everyone what you have received. What have I received and what gets in the way of sharing that with others?

I experience Baba’s generosity and availability because there is love. He never says, ‘I don’t have time, come back tomorrow’. He generously gives without any expectations. He understands that Maya has made the soul completely bankrupt – spiritually, emotionally. So He works with the souls, understanding where we are in our journeys, without imposing upon us. In other words, He isn’t rolling His eyes, He has good wishes. He trusts the drama and knows that it is just a matter of time. Original, pure love accepts unconditionally, there isn’t effort that has to be made.

This unconditional love and acceptance brings out the best in me. I want to change, I want to be better. It facilitates the renewal of the spirit. What I thought I could not do, I can. The impossible, looks possible. I start to believe in myself again, there is a sense of trust – in my own destiny- because He enables me to see it.

For half a cycle, I have become used to looking for a sense of value from the outside without any real experiences. This is what I do when I don’t love myself. I make myself a beggar. This emptiness inside creates a sense of selfishness- I want and need. I create many attachments to labels and people. I don’t see myself as an independent being with my own self-worth and so this then creates selfish feelings – worry, insecurity, doubts, fears, hopelessness, dependencies. Inevitably, the result is I constantly give myself and others sorrow.

Be yourself, He says. Be soul conscious. When I am, I love myself and others.

When I am myself, I am complete. There is no neediness or conflict, there are no comparisons or competition. Then, relationships with others work because there is no dependence of any kind. I am independent, I am free, I am who I am. There is also the unity that comes from the sameness I experience – I am a soul and so is everyone else. When I see bodies, I get into the differences of gender, nationality, religion, status etc.

When I lack an experience of love, I get into analysis and debates. I start to have a holier than thou attitude: ‘but I cannot stand dishonesty in others’ etc. But Baba reminds me that truth is sweet, not dogmatic. I don’t need to quote Shrimat and judge other’s behavior. Even God doesn’t judge…all I have to do is be loving.

In His remembrance, I clean the soul out, I dissolve the selfishness by realizing who I am. I learn from observing Him, how to accept and work with other souls. I learn to respect myself and others, I develop soul consciousness and equality. I remember that this is in fact how I used to live originally, I simply forgot. I remember again.

And then I practice. Practice creates experience and helps make that my natural nature. Then, I am able to share what I have received with my brothers and sisters which then inspires them to connect with their own truth. Enabling souls to stand on their own feet, to be themselves, is the greatest gift I can give them and the help I give God. When I don’t practice, I forget and pick up the old sorrow giving sanskars again. That, Baba says, is not an option.

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