Om Shanthi!

Welcome to an introduction of the Supreme Father by Himself and His elevated versions.

No one can reach the end of God. By coming to know the Father, you come to know everything from Him. We stumble so much in our search for God. We don’t know Him until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction and the introduction of His creation.

Yes, our Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love is here. He has come to fulfill the task of world transformation. He has come to teach us about ourselves and restore our purity, peace and joy.
This is the time to know Him and the secrets of the drama of life.
You can claim your inheritance NOW OR NEVER.

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Are you claiming your blessing?


May you become multi-million times fortunate with powerful remembrance and accumulate an income of multi-millions in a second.

Your remembrance is so powerful that an income of multi-millions is accumulated in a second. Those who have multi-millions at every step accumulate so many multi-millions and this is why they are said to be multi-million times fortunate. Those who earn well have a different sparkle on their faces. Let the intoxication of earning an income of multi-millions be visible on your face. Let there be such spiritual intoxication and spiritual happiness that people experience you to be unique.

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Call Him

Baba asks, ‘do you remember Me?’ This is the confluence age- the auspicious time when God comes to this physical world to meet His children. Not just any children, but His long lost and now found children. So how much … Continue reading

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Remember all three relationships

Baba is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. When I remember Him, it is important to remember that He is all three. Sometimes, we can take God for granted. He is my Father, I play around with Him. I might listen … Continue reading

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Take your medicine

Baba is the eternal Herbalist, the Doctor. He comes to give medicine to His sick children. When Baba comes, we are very sick. We’ve become impure, made each other impure by spreading our germs of the vices- anger, greed, attachment, … Continue reading

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Science or silence?

Baba says, ‘the soul is the fastest rocket’. It only takes a second, a thought to travel to wherever you want. Today, people with an ego of science are making efforts to go to the moon, to other planets because … Continue reading

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Human dictates vs. God’s dictates

Baba says, ‘my teaching is completely different from those of humans.’ Should we review? Some people claim to be charitable or virtuous souls. Baba says: that’s impossible. At this time because the whole world is iron aged, everything we do … Continue reading

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Incognito warriors

Baba says, ‘this is an incognito study’. And we are incognito warriors. Unlike the wars of the world, our war is being fought internally, on the battlefield of our mind and intellect. Our enemies are the vices and it can … Continue reading

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Control and rule

Baba says to increase the ‘controlling and ruling powers’. You are the master of your own mind, not the other way around. Often times, we find ourselves lost in thought- not useful thought but waste thoughts or negative thoughts. Either … Continue reading

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Don’t play with stones

‘You are my invaluable jewels’, says Baba, ‘why do you play with stones?’ Baba comes to remind us of who we really are and of our lost inheritance. We had forgotten our identity and were wandering in the dark, lost … Continue reading

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Let go, let Him

Baba says, ‘obstacles come to make you strong’. There isn’t a single Murli where Baba says obstacles might come, He’s very clear, obstacles will come. But why do we pay so much attention? When an obstacle comes – a situation, … Continue reading

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It’s the Drama

Baba explains to us the three dots- I, the soul am a point of light and so a dot, the Supreme Soul also a point of light and a dot and the third dot is the Drama. We get the … Continue reading

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