Om Shanthi!

Welcome to an introduction of the Supreme Father by Himself and His elevated versions!

No one can reach the end of God. By coming to know the Father, you come to know everything from Him. We stumble so much in our search for God. We don’t know Him until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction and the introduction of His creation.

Yes, our Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love is here. He has come to fulfill the task of world transformation. He has come to teach us about ourselves and restore our purity, peace and joy.
This is the time to know Him and the secrets of the drama of life.
You can claim your inheritance NOW OR NEVER!

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Are you claiming your blessing?


May you maintain a mood in which you are constantly stable and full and thereby become an embodiment of the reward of effort.

 BapDada sees from the subtle region that some children’s mood changes a lot. Sometimes, they are in a surprising mood, sometimes in a questioning mood, sometimes in a confused mood, sometimes in tension and sometimes on the swing of attention. However, the confluence age is the age of the reward and not the effort-making age. So, let the Father’s virtues be the virtues of the children. Let the Father’s stage be the children’s stage. This is the reward of the confluence age. Remain constantly in a stable mood in which you are full and you will be said to be equal to the Father, that is, one who is an embodiment of the reward.

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Companion of God

This gallery contains 21 photos.

* From ‘Companion of God’ by Dadi Janki, the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris

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God does so much, yet He is beyond the feeling of doing. He does not think yet, still, you can say that He thinks. That is His wonderful personality. We cannot become God, because His part is unique. But as … Continue reading

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What is the source of your sense of purpose? – Purpose

Our world cannot afford any further insult to the spirit of our humanity. We must take up the challenge of ceasing to do that which defames our world family and God. This is the purpose that I have chosen. Not … Continue reading

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What is the source of your sense of purpose?

I have always felt that, because human life is so valuable, it is very important to live it out with purpose. The purpose of life at this point in time, according to the needs of today’s world, is to set … Continue reading

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What are the efforts I need to make on the spiritual path?

The first effort is to become true to yourself. This is because, when there is spiritual honesty, it is easy to receive help from God. Taking God’s help is the beautiful endeavour of these times. However, only an experienced soul … Continue reading

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What is the basis of true spiritual education? – The Law of Karma

The third aspect you need to understand is the deep philosophy of action; or, in other words, the law of cause and effect. This is also known as the law of ‘karma’. The law of karma teaches us to perform … Continue reading

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What is the basis of true spiritual education? – The One

The second thing you need to know is this: Who you belong to. There is One who is Supreme, One who is God, Allah, One whom we all love. There is One on whom our attention is always focused, in … Continue reading

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What is the basis of good spiritual education? – Part I

First of all, you need to know who you are. You need to know that you are a spiritual being, distinct from the body; that when we say ‘soul’, we are talking about something completely separate from the body. I.         … Continue reading

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The Inner State of Dignity

Sound judgement about what is right and what you need to do is based on your system of values. It is only when you are standing on the foundation of your values that you are able to maintain your truth, … Continue reading

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The Power of Awareness

So often I hear people say, ‘This is difficult.’ However, I say: remove this word ‘difficult’ from your vocabulary. It is possible for human beings to do whatever they want. In fact, it is easy. It is we humans who … Continue reading

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