Om Shanthi!

Welcome to an introduction of the Supreme Father by Himself and His elevated versions.

No one can reach the end of God. By coming to know the Father, you come to know everything from Him. We stumble so much in our search for God. We don’t know Him until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction and the introduction of His creation.

Yes, our Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love is here. He has come to fulfill the task of world transformation. He has come to teach us about ourselves and restore our purity, peace and joy.
This is the time to know Him and the secrets of the drama of life.
You can claim your inheritance NOW OR NEVER.

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Are you claiming your blessing?


May you be a conqueror of Maya and a master of the self and make the five elements and the five vices your servers.

In the golden age, the maids hold the trains of the royal costumes of the world emperor and world empress. In the same way, at the confluence age, you children must remain decorated with the dress of your titles of Conquerors of Maya and Masters of the self. The five elements and the five vices will then hold your dress from behind, that is, they will move along while being subservient to you. For this, tighten your dress of titles with the belt of determination, be decorated with the sets of different costumes and ornaments and stay with the Father. Those vices and elements will then be transformed and become your co-operative companions.

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Being a jewel of contentment

Baba says, ‘be a jewel of contentment‘. Then, you will spread the waves of contentment. As I move along on my journey, sometimes, a word, a behavior triggers a sense of discontentment- it’s a restlessness in the core of my … Continue reading

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Become a trustee

Baba says, ‘become a trustee, not a householder‘. When I come to Baba, I surrender my mind, body and wealth to Him. It doesn’t mean I leave my home and move to a center but it does mean that I … Continue reading

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Becoming an elevated human being

Baba says, ‘I come to make you the most elevated of all‘. God Himself gives you elevated directions through which you change from residents of hell into residents of heaven. The residents of heaven are also human beings, explains Baba. … Continue reading

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The whole world is Ravan’s kingdom

Baba says, ‘It is now Ravan’s kingdom over the whole world‘. The whole world is Lanka. For half a cycle, I have been wandering looking for my identity, a sense of belonging. The more I searched, the more it eluded … Continue reading

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Controlling power

Baba says, ‘you need controlling power to be successful on the field of service‘. The soul is the operator of the body, it controls the physical organs- makes them do what it chooses, when it chooses and how it chooses. … Continue reading

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The spiritual salvation army

Baba says, ‘you are a spiritual, incognito salvation army‘. You have to salvage the whole world and take the sinking boats across. This is a spiritual aspect, explains Baba, not a physical one. Everyone’s boat is sinking, in other words, souls are … Continue reading

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Become a point

Baba says, ‘you have to put an end to waste thoughts‘. If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful. A powerful soul is one who has ended waste, says Baba. If I have waste thoughts, it means I have come … Continue reading

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Service through the mind

Baba says, ‘the easy method of serving the world is serving through the mind‘. According to the present time, service through the mind is extremely essential. The basis of becoming a world server, Baba says, is being full of all the three powers – … Continue reading

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Take My hand

Baba says, ‘your duty is to make the poor wealthy‘. You are those who benefit everyone. At this point in the cycle, Maya has made us completely bankrupt – spiritually, emotionally. Life therefore has become for many, not about living…but … Continue reading

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Finish body consciousness

Baba says, ‘finish the illness of body consciousness‘. Only when this body consciousness finishes can you climb into the Father’s heart. Body consciousness, in very simple terms, it is the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. It shows up in both … Continue reading

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