Om Shanthi!

Welcome to an introduction of the Supreme Father by Himself and His elevated versions.

No one can reach the end of God. By coming to know the Father, you come to know everything from Him. We stumble so much in our search for God. We don’t know Him until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction and the introduction of His creation.

Yes, our Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love is here. He has come to fulfill the task of world transformation. He has come to teach us about ourselves and restore our purity, peace and joy.
This is the time to know Him and the secrets of the drama of life.
You can claim your inheritance NOW OR NEVER.

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Are you claiming your blessing?


May you be a great donor and give all souls a drop of happiness, peace and love with your constantly stable mood.

Let the mood of you children always be stable and of happiness. Let it not be that you sometimes have an “off-mood”, and that your mood sometimes is very happy. The mood of those who are constantly great donors never changes. To become a deity means to be a bestower. No matter what anyone gives you, you great donor children have to give everyone a drop of happiness, a drop of peace and a drop of love. Together with serving through your bodies, also stay busy in serving through your minds and you will accumulate double charity.

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The power of introspection

Baba says, ‘be introspective’. Most of us are so busy trying to impress others, win approval, score points that we are anything but introspective. We live in a time that rewards extroversion and a culture of show & tell. But … Continue reading

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Change my to yours

Baba says, ‘you are carefree emperors’. Am I? Am emperor is someone who has responsibility for the entire kingdom- the people, the assets, the policies..everything. Can an emperor be carefree? Baba says that in fact, you can serve ONLY if … Continue reading

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I am free

Baba tells us, ‘you are free’. Is that how we feel? Growing up, our parents taught us how to be, then we met our teachers and religious leaders and they told us how to be. Next we met our friends, … Continue reading

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Make the right effort

Baba says, ‘you are an intense effort-maker’. But what is intense effort? When we come to Baba, He reminds us who we are – that we are originally pure, divine beings that have lost our inheritance over the course of … Continue reading

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Feeling content

Baba says, ‘contentment is the crown jewel. If you have it, everything else follows’. What are some of the ways in which we rob ourselves of our contentment? Often, we are misfortune focused rather than fortune focused. Do I spend … Continue reading

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Don’t take sorrow

Baba says, ‘don’t give sorrow and don’t take sorrow’. Right from a young age, most of us are told by our parents, our teachers, religious leaders etc. to not give sorrow to anyone but only God tells us that it … Continue reading

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Don’t be careless

Baba says, ‘don’t be careless’. Am I paying attention or am I being careless in my connection with God? Baba comes to remind us of who we are. He tells us we are divine beings with divine qualities. He paints … Continue reading

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He only loves

Baba says, ‘ I can never hurt my own children’. When things go wrong, we often blame God. Is He really to blame? In the physical world, when a child is sick, the parents leave no stone unturned to take … Continue reading

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Call Him

Baba asks, ‘do you remember Me?’ This is the confluence age- the auspicious time when God comes to this physical world to meet His children. Not just any children, but His long lost and now found children. So how much … Continue reading

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Remember all three relationships

Baba is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. When I remember Him, it is important to remember that He is all three. Sometimes, we can take God for granted. He is my Father, I play around with Him. I might listen … Continue reading

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