Om Shanthi!

Welcome to an introduction of the Supreme Father by Himself and His elevated versions.

No one can reach the end of God. By coming to know the Father, you come to know everything from Him. We stumble so much in our search for God. We don’t know Him until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction and the introduction of His creation.

Yes, our Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Love is here. He has come to fulfill the task of world transformation. He has come to teach us about ourselves and restore our purity, peace and joy.
This is the time to know Him and the secrets of the drama of life.
You can claim your inheritance NOW OR NEVER.

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Are you claiming your blessing?


May you be a great donor and constantly move forward by receiving blessings from many souls.

To be a great donor means to serve others. By serving others, you are automatically served. To be a great donor means to make yourself full of all treasures. However many souls you give the donation of happiness, power and knowledge to, the sound of attainment or the blessings that emerge from them will become a form of blessing for you. These blessings are a means to take you forward. Those who receive blessings are always happy. So, every day at amritvela, make a program to become a great donor. Let there not be a single day when you do not give a donation.

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Be fearless

Baba says, ‘be fearless‘. Where there is an attachment or expectation, there is fear. In this physical world, the more one has the more fearful one is. The rich and famous cannot be seen walking freely in public view and … Continue reading

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Apply a full-stop

Baba says, ‘increase your controlling power‘. This is a power that you will need in order to pass with honors, He says. The soul is energy that manifests itself as the mind when it creates thoughts, as the intellect when … Continue reading

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Make your remembrance creative

Baba says, ‘create ways to become pure‘. This short window of time in the cycle, the confluence age, is the time for purification. God is The Purifier and He comes to purify us souls, His children. We are just coming … Continue reading

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The Father and the inheritance

Baba says, ‘remember you are a soul and that you are receiving your inheritance from your Father, The Supreme Soul‘. The soul and The Supreme Soul have met again after a long separation, this is the great confluence. After half … Continue reading

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Happiness is the mirror of faith

Baba says, ‘happiness is the mirror of faith‘. If I have faith in this spiritual path, in this knowledge, in Who’s teaching me…then, I will be happy. Baba says, worry is a big illness for which even doctors don’t have … Continue reading

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This is a spiritual journey

Baba says, ‘you are a spiritual traveler‘. Once you take this journey, there remains no need to take any additional ones, He says. People plan vacations to ‘get away’, to ‘find peace and quiet’, to ‘recharge’. But as we quickly … Continue reading

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Being a detached observer

Baba says, ‘be a detached observer‘. One of the greatest skills on the spiritual path is of being a detached observer. Often we hear this and think its harsh. How can I be detached from my family? my friends? But … Continue reading

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Beware of substitutes

Baba says, ‘beware of substitutes‘. After a long cycle of separation, the soul finally meets its Father, God Himself. It is the great confluence. Wisdom would say that this would be when the soul is the happiest….is it? When Maya … Continue reading

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Following Shrimat

Baba says, ‘keep following Shrimat‘. This is the most auspicious time in the whole cycle. This is when establishment happens. It is only at this time in the cycle that God Himself sets up school. He comes at the end … Continue reading

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Be a master donor

Baba says, ‘be a master donor‘. His very name is ‘Shiv‘, The Benevolent One. I am His child and so He says, you too should be a donor. One of the consequences of body consciousness is being caught up in … Continue reading

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