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Jewels from Mamma’s churning of the knowledge.

Act in the Stage of the Original Form

Consider yourself to be as when the soulĀ is in its original form. When you act the whole day remaining in this stage, your behavior becomes pure, and within that your actions continue to become elevated. You will have the Father’s … Continue reading

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Actions Leave Impressions on the Soul

We need to pay attention to our actions, because the soul is not immune to what we do; everything is imprinted on the soul. Other people think that the soul is immune and so they eat, drink and do anything. … Continue reading

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Dressing Appropriately

When someone wears clothes, they should fit properly. Similarly, a body should be appropriate according to the soul. Definitely, He should enter a mature body so that it looks right when he says: ‘Children’. The Father sits and explains all … Continue reading

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So Far No One Has Become a Resident of Heaven

It is said that so-and-so became the resident of heaven. Only when heaven is created can one become the resident of it, isn’t that so? When there is no heaven, where would they go to become the resident of heaven? … Continue reading

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God is Creator and Director

We get our inheritance from God and so we call Him the Father. He removes the covering of impurity, and the eclipse,and purifies us through His power of purity. God creates purity in us and in this way generates new … Continue reading

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Where Are Souls Coming From?

When a soul first takes a body, and plays its part, it has to come from up above; so at that time the soul is pure. Therefore, its body will also be good, which means it will be pure. Later … Continue reading

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It is Not God’s Consciousness that Runs the Body

Many people say that only one God is conscious power. If we don’t have that conscious energy, we cannot move our hands and legs. They think that it is God’s consciousness. However, that isn’t so. Soul is also conscious energy; … Continue reading

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God is NOT Omnipresent

The belief that God is omnipresent is wrong because God is not something that spreads. And there is no significance or importance of His omnipresence. If He is omnipresent, what is the value of that to us? In spite of … Continue reading

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Why Is God Called the Creator

Some people believe in God, but have many other thoughts. This is also something to understand: it is necessary to have knowledge about something we believe in. If there are all sorts of thoughts about God, then things are confused. … Continue reading

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Bestower of Liberation and Salvation

Deities are in salvation; they are not the Ones who grant it. They are in liberation in life. It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is beyond degradation and salvation, who grants it. If deities cannot grant salvation, … Continue reading

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