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His introduction in His own words and His teachings for us, His children.

Become a holy swan

Baba says, ‘become a holy swan‘. A holy swan means one who is able to discern very clearly the difference between a stone and a jewel and then imbibes that. A swan intellect, Baba says, is one who always has elevated and pure thoughts for every soul. It discerns the intention of each … Continue reading

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Independence is the birth right of Brahmins

Do you love the stage of going beyond sound more than the stage of coming into sound? Are you master almighty authorities stable in this elevated stage! Are you able to stabilise yourselves in the stage beyond sound? Do the … Continue reading

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Ranju Ramasbaz – The Clever Entertainer

The Father is entertaining (attractive) and the deities that the Father created are also entertaining. They have that attraction of purity. Does Baba ever have a desire? He is beyond desires, He is free from desires and so why did … Continue reading

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Veidnath – The Herbalist, The Doctor, The Surgeon

Baba is the Doctor of Spiritual Knowledge This Father is the Surgeon of eternal knowledge. You become ever healthy through the power of yoga. He is called the eternal Surgeon. Only Baba has the power to remove the alloy of … Continue reading

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The Creator, Director and Main Actor

God too plays a part in the Drama. He is the Creator, Director and Main Actor. You now know how Baba plays His part. When almost everyone has arrived, the Creator then comes. He is the Creator, the Director and … Continue reading

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Dhobi – The Laundryman

The Father has to come and wash the dirty impure clothes. It is the soul that becomes dirty. God washes the dirty impure clothes. Baba says: I am such a good laundryman! I make your clothes, you souls and your … Continue reading

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Indra – The God of Rain- The Lord of the Angels

This is the court of Indra. Indra is Shiv Baba who showers the rain of knowledge Baba comes and rains the rain of knowledge on you children who had been burnt away by sitting on the pyre of lust in … Continue reading

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Bhakto Ka Bhagwan – The Lord of the Devotees – Part II

The devotee intellect is not a subtle and refined intellect… They have changed the memorials into physical form, because no one had the divine intellect to appreciate the subtle significance. The devotee intellect cannot imbibe subtlety. This is why everything … Continue reading

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Bhakto Ka Bhagwan – The Lord of the Devotees – Part I

Having heard the call of the children, the Father has now come. On the path of devotion, you sing: Baba, when You come, I will listen to no one but You… I will surrender myself to You! I will sacrifice … Continue reading

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Is Bharath Independent Yet? – Part II

The battle of you children is with Maya, Raavan. By following Gandhi’s instructions Bharat was liberated from the foreigners. Maya, Raavan has ruled over you for 2500 years. This Maya is very strong. It took them (Congress Party) 40 to … Continue reading

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