It is almost certain that the deepest image we hold in our psyche, the deepest concept on which our entire concept of reality is built, including the perception of our self, is our experience of God. The answer to the question “Who is God?” is the original thought from which we make sense of the world in and around us. As is our perception of His identity, so is the attitude we adopt toward life and the values that guide our actions.

Spiritual knowledge allows the mind to rightly position itself in front  of the Source of all Goodness, the Bestower of all Treasures and absorb them to one’s heart’sfull content.

This blog is a tool for this highest contemplation. It is to help immerse the mind in the presence of the Spiritual Beloved, the Divine Parent, the blueprint of our eternal identity. It is ultimately a mirror that reveals our true face: the face of an Angel.

6 Responses to About

  1. Seven says:

    Knoweldge wants to be free, just like these articles!

  2. pranisha tiruwal says:

    om shanti.

  3. Please post me decoration of deities in brief in Hindi and English both Om shanti thank you

  4. Parbati says:

    Om shanti please post me daily thought

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