Are you claiming your blessing?


May you become a conqueror of attachment with a powerful form through your sweet silence stage of being merged in love.

You have a body, relations of the body and sanskars of the body, and there are people and possessions, the atmosphere and the vibrations, but you must let none of them attract you. People may be crying out, you just remain unshakable. No matter how much matter and Maya come to play their final game and pull you towards themselves, you just remain absorbed in the stage of love, being detached and loving to the Father. This is known as seeing but not seeing, hearing but not listening. This is the sweet silence stage of being merged in love. When you create such a stage you would then be called a soul who is blessed as a conqueror of attachment with a powerful form. the final paper.

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4 Responses to Are you claiming your blessing?

  1. Bette says:

    Keep these articles cmonig as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

    • Deacon says:

      I bow down hmbuly in the presence of such greatness.

      • Arhvin says:

        Happiness is all of the above, but for me a bit too much to rmeember. This is why I believe that happiness is pretty much an attitude, a way of simply being happy because life is so much more enjoyable if you are happy. With this attitude, you cannot avoid seeing the bright side of life, noticing the positive in any situation and notice the pleasant faces of people you meet and interact with. And when you do this, the same response will usually come back. A virtuous circle!

  2. Mitchell says:

    There is a criitacl shortage of informative articles like this.

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