Where Are Souls Coming From?

When a soul first takes a body, and plays its part, it has to come from up above; so at that time the soul is pure. Therefore, its body will also be good, which means it will be pure. Later as it continues to take many births, the stage continues to come down. Those souls who come in the golden age, from the beginning will have to take many births and those who come in the silver, copper and the iron ages will have to take fewer births. The maximum is 84 births and the minimum is 1 birth.

It is as with the life of a tree. It is said that it takes a  long time for the roots to be established and less time for the trunk to come, and much less time for the branches and twigs to appear. At the ends of the tree come the tiny leaves which finish soon after they are born, so their life is so short, isn’t it! There is this number-wise principle even in trees. It is similar with the human world tree; its expansion is also like a tree’s, and then the new sapling is planted.

Also, the population in the world is increasing! If it were to be that only those who die take birth, then the population should stay at just that much, shouldn’t it? So why does it increase? Those who die take birth and those who come fresh or new will also take birth.

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