It is Not God’s Consciousness that Runs the Body

Many people say that only one God is conscious power. If we don’t have that conscious energy, we cannot move our hands and legs. They think that it is God’s consciousness. However, that isn’t so. Soul is also conscious energy; soul has consciousness itself, doesn’t it! Soul is also known as the truth, eternal, and the embodiment of bliss. If the soul leaves the body, can the body do anything? So it is the soul which is consciousness, isn’t it?

Do we say that God or the Supreme Soul left the body? Soul left the body. When the soul is in the body, the soul speaks, walks and works through the body. When that soul leaves the body, the body lies like a non-living thing. The soul that left will go into another body and that body will now move.

This is to understand that the soul is also consciousness in its qualities. It isn’t that only God is consciousness. So to believe that the body moves through the consciousness of God is wrong. The body moves through the consciousness of the soul.

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