Actions Leave Impressions on the Soul

We need to pay attention to our actions, because the soul is not immune to what we do; everything is imprinted on the soul. Other people think that the soul is immune and so they eat, drink and do anything. But it is not like that. It is the soul that performs actions through the body. If the action becomes a sinful action, then it is the soul who has to suffer. This is why we have to have control over our actions. As long we don’t stop the sinful actions, our sins continue to accumulate to the point where we cannot get rid of what has accumulated.

We now have to finish the sinful actions which we have accumulated. First, we have a burden of sins from the past, which is why we have sorrow and peacelessness in our life. This is why the Father says, “Remember Me. You will get power from remembrance, to destroy the sins.”

Second, whatever we do now should not become sin, and therefore we should not perform any action under the action under the influence of any vice. This means any action influenced by lust, anger, greed or attachment. It isn’t that because our mind is inclined towards something, we just do it. Some also say that when our mind becomes alright by itself, then we’ll let go of performing such actions. Until then we won’t let go of including the vices in our actions.

The Father says: ‘Remember Me, and your sins will be absolved; and if you remain pure, you will not create further sins.’

The mind will never become alright by itself. There is already the burden of sin on the mind. There is dirt anyway, and on the other hand we continue to do dirty actions. If we don’t brake, the dirt continues to accumulate layer after layer, and then the power of truth will never stay and never work. As long as the dirt remains and the mind is never clean, that power will never stay.

As we listen, we should continue to clean. We listen in order to clean, don’t we? We should also do as we listen. Everything depends on our actions. Every second that passes in our life is created, or spoiled, through our actions.

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