Dressing Appropriately

When someone wears clothes, they should fit properly. Similarly, a body should be appropriate according to the soul. Definitely, He should enter a mature body so that it looks right when he says: ‘Children’.

The Father sits and explains all these things, about how He comes and starts His task. He says: ‘It isn’t that I come and take a baby’s body, which grows, and only then can I give knowledge. I have to come to do my task; so I don’t take sustenance from a mother, or from anybody. Is it necessary for Me to take sustenance? With what would you sustain me? I only come to give knowledge. I have to come on time, give knowledge, and finish on time, and when the task is finished I will go away. It isn’t that I continue to sit here.’ So the Father says: ‘I come in my own time, and also take a body experienced in all aspects.’ It should be fit or worthy enough to give this knowledge, shouldn’t it!

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