Veidnath – The Herbalist, The Doctor, The Surgeon

Baba is the Doctor of Spiritual Knowledge

This Father is the Surgeon of eternal knowledge. You become ever healthy through the power of yoga. He is called the eternal Surgeon. Only Baba has the power to remove the alloy of vice from souls.

The Father changes the nature of everyone and makes you pure.

This is a spiritual nature cure. It is very simple. He simply says, “Manmanabhav” through this mouth. It is souls that have to be cured. This is why Baba is called the eternal Surgeon. He performs a very good operation.

The spiritual Surgeon of all is One. He is the One who comes and gives an injection to souls because it is the soul that has become tamopradhan. The Father is called the eternal Surgeon… Souls need an injection. The Father says: Children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember your Father. Connect your intellect’s yoga up above and you will go to your sweet home. It is in your intellect that you now have to go to your sweet silent home.

Baba is the eternal Herbalist, the eternal Doctor… He liberates you from all types of sorrow and illnesses. This Doctor never becomes sick. Baba gives one medicine for you to become ever happy: Remember Me.

You have been very sick patients for half a cycle. You sould became impure and so the one eternal Surgeon gives you medicine. He is always the Surgeon, He Himself never falls ill. Everyone else becomes ill. The eternal Surgeon only comes in this age and gives you the injection of manmanabhav. The Father says: I have come to perform an operation on everyone. The whole world is diseased. The Father is also called the eternal Surgeon. He performs such an operation on the whole world now that everyone living in the future world will never experience pain or sorrow. He is such a great Surgeon! He is the One who performs an operation on souls and the unlimited world. There, not only do human beings never become diseased, but animals too never become diseased. The Father explains what His part is and what the children’s part is.

Baba is giving you the injection of knowledge.

The Father’s duty is to provide medicine for His sick children. This is a very severe sickness. These five vices are the root cause of all sicknesses.

After becoming a child of God, all the illnesses will erupt. Even herbalists say: By taking this particular medicine, all the illness inside will erupt, but don’t be afraid! The Father Himself also says: When you belong to the Father, Maya, Ravan, will harass you a great deal and bring many storms. You have now received an intellect to discriminate between what is wrong and right.
The medicine He gives is for everyone.

He gives you many different doses to keep your spiritual intoxication high.

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