“Lights, Camera…..and Action!”

सब राज़ी खुशी है? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Baba is the Creator, Director and greatest Actor of the unlimited Drama. Typically when an actor gets picked by a great director to play a role, even if a small one, in his/her movie, the actor considers it a great achievement. They feel as though they have finally arrived on stage as an actor. It’s an occasion to celebrate. I am an actor who has been picked to play a role by none other than God Himself in this Unlimited Drama. And it’s not just any role but the role of the hero with scenes from the beginning till the end of the Drama. How much should I be celebrating? And yet I find myself worried, tensed, anxious and simply exhausted. In other words, everything but happy. But why?

The Drama itself is about me, a king that rules the kingdom of the whole world for 2500 years. During this time it is heaven on earth, there is peace and happiness everywhere, everything is in abundance and nature is in all her splendor. Post intermission comes the part where the villain makes an entry and no prizes for guessing, snatches away the kingdom. The king slowly loses any little wealth he was left with and becomes a beggar. He realizes that there is no one left that can help but God. He starts to call out to Him, not remembering what He is, where He lives but knowing somewhere deep inside his being that there is the One… somewhere and that He is the only one that can help. He spends many years searching in this way, calling out and then just when it seems like there is no hope, God arrives.

Time to rock and roll right? As it turns out, during the course of the drama, I was playing my role well in the Drama till about half way and then somewhere just post intermission, I, the actor got tired of being on stage. Being away from home and playing the character for so long, I started to sub consciously identify myself with the character, with his ups and downs, his emotions. I forgot that I am the actor with my own personality- that of a joyful, loving and peaceful being. A soul that is content, complete with all virtues. I instead started to believe that I am in fact the beggar that my character had become and that state of mind expectedly made me miserable.


The Director is here and He having figured out what is going on has reminded me of who I really am- that I am a great actor, the hero of this movie. He reminds me that this is just a role and that now in the following scenes I play alongside Him. He, also being the greatest Actor there is, has a role in this Drama as well.  He plays the role of the One that shows the beggar how he lost his kingdom and teaches him how he can claim it back. In other words, He transforms my character from beggar to prince. He says, “It’s going to be Me and you now. It’s going to be fun, let’s give it all we got!”

Phew! So, I am not my character, rather someone much higher – an actor that can play multiple characters, enact multiple emotions. The key is act. And so I stop identifying with the role and go back to identifying with the actor– I begin to play the role again rather than become the role. I play the role of a beggar and a prince with equal élan. I play it with the awareness that I am neither, with the recollection of what the story is, how it started, where in the plot we are and how it will end. I feel empowered to bring my own personality into the role, improvise and leave my stamp on it. This king, beggar and prince are like none other. They reflect my style, my attitude.

So when someone hurls an insult, I smile and let it go. When I lose a job, I choose to keep my chin up because I know there is something much better in store. Even if someone I know leaves the body, I remain stable because I know the actor is just fine. He simply changed costumes to play another character. If I win a prize, I share that with others. That’s the script – that’s how the beggar becomes the beloved prince again. That’s how he wins back his kingdom. I can only play these scenes when I remain light by remembering the plotn!ail. So I let go of my inhibitions, my confusion, th the geratest t’ Drama as well.  He plays the role o and staying in the awareness that I am only the actor– else, try telling a beggar to keep his chin up and smile! Try telling him to behave like a prince!

And what’s more- I get to play all these scenes with the greatest Actor there is and with the greatest Director directing my every move. All I need to do is enjoy this time in the Drama – do as I am told, learn by watching the best and continue to improve my craft. I have a powerful role and a great supporting cast. It’s a dream team that CANNOT fail. So I let go of my inhibitions, any confusion that there was and allow myself to shine. It’s my time in the limelight and I’m ready.

“Lights, Camera…..and Action!”

छू कर मेरे मन को, किया तूने क्या इशारा
बदला ये मौसम, लगे प्यारा जग सारा

तू जो कहे जीवन भर, तेरे लिए में गाऊं
गीत तेरे  बोलों पे, लिखता चला जाऊं
मेरे गीतों में, तुझे ढूंढे जग सारा

आजा तेरा आँचल ये, प्यार से में भर दू
खुशी जहान भर की तुझको नज़र कर दून
तू ही मेरा जीवन, तू ही जीने का सहारा

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