What is the personality of God?

I would like to share with you my experience of God as a very extraordinary, very loving, totally unique personality.

I say unique because there is no human being who can have a personality like God’s, no matter how learned or saintly he or she may be.

No one can know and follow, to the extent that God does, all the laws of the universe, and yet be so completely loving.

No one is capable of as much mercy, forgiveness and love.

No one can understand, as does God, the difficulties humans find ourselves in, in today’s world.

And there is no one who can protect us from them either, like He does.

The Light of God

In some faith traditions, it is said that God is as bright as a thousand suns. Importance is given to the brightness of that light. Some interpretations would even have you fear its intensity.

However, it is not that God’s light would be literally so frightening. It is just that it is so unique, you are completely awed by it.

There is so much power in the rays of that light… enough, actually, to destroy all the negativity on this planet.

Only this beautiful light of God’s can dispel our own darkness in such a way.


What, in fact, does it really mean to say that God is light?

It means that the recognition of God brings light …. as in ‘enlightenment’.

It means that in the recognition of God is the recognition of your own highest self.

It means that the more you come to know God, the more the negativity in the soul can be removed.

This is another aspect of God’s utter uniqueness. No matter how degenerated we may have become, God’s love and light uplift us from that state.

We need only raise our eyes and look to Him.

That which is Eternal

When people look at other people, they see their external appearance: how they are dressed, the way they look and so on. However, one should not see the outer, physical appearance.

My eyes see the soul, the spiritual being.

The physical body is perishable, as are all relationships amongst human beings. These are not going to remain with you forever.

So the training I have given to my eyes, from early on, has been to search for the One who is eternal.

When there is that deep desire to experience that which is eternal, then, even though the eyes continue to take in all that is physical, they are no longer distracted.

The ears hear what’s going on in the world but they are no longer drawn in or affected.

You need to be able to move your intellect away from all external distractions and centre it instead, exclusively, on God.

Then you will be able to see that Light.

And that Light

will enter your life.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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