God’s Love and Protection


Who can be absorbed by God’s heart? Only those who have a heart like God’s: no untruths, no negativity…

For these souls God has so much love. It’s as if they get tucked away in special corners of His heart.

 God is very attached to us, you know. He teaches us to free ourselves from attachments, but He has got a lot of attachment to us.

There is so much love coming to us from God. By comparison, physical mothers and fathers don’t know how to love their children at all….

Canopy of Protection

God’s love frees you from all worries and concerns.

After all, whatever could there be to worry about

when it is God who is looking after you?

 So my pure desire for all is that you should experience this love, and these kinds of feelings because many of you are so innocent and vulnerable.

You give up so quickly!

Did you know that God has a very special and beautiful umbrella, open and ready for all the children? What is this umbrella?

It is His canopy of protection.

 To sit in God’s heart means to be under this canopy.

My deepest desire is that everyone should experience God’s beautiful heart in this way.

The canopy of God’s protection

is this love.

 – Jewels from Dadi Janki

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