Imperishable happiness

Baba says, ‘you cannot receive imperishable happiness on the basis of temporary supports‘. The list of temporary supports is long – name, fame, respect are at the top of that list.

Baba says, there are three primary paths to experience imperishable happiness.

my own effort – through the study of knowledge, remembrance, imbibing the divine virtues and service, I move forward on this journey – the destination is soul consciousness. The closer I get to that state of my original self, I experience permanent, pure happiness.

by being content and making others content – I can only become content when I accept myself. I can accept myself when I start respecting myself. I start respecting myself when I operate from the consciousness of being a soul. My every thought, word and action is soul conscious.

But often we base our contentment on outcomes and accomplishments. If I do well on that project I am content, otherwise I am not. If my boss approves, I am happy, else I am not. If the people around me behave according to my expectations, I am content, else I am frustrated. If I feel others value me, I value myself…else, I don’t. I assess myself based on how many people attend my talk or follow me on social media. I compare my life to the lives of others and judge my success.

Unless I am content, I am unable to make others content.

through self-less service – many think service means to give the course or deliver a workshop or lecture. Baba clarifies that service has less to do with the activity, more to do with my state of mind. When I serve, it is by definition altruistic. It happens automatically through my spiritual vision, the smile on my face, the peace and love I radiate through my features and behavior.

But often we forget we are here to serve and become quite petty and selfish in our ways. I always look for credit for anything and everything – ‘I did it’, ‘it was my idea’, ‘I helped her out’, ‘I made that happen’….even if I don’t speak the words, my thoughts do travel. I don’t receive the fruit of the good deed because it was inherently selfish.

Angels are God’s helpers and what sets them apart from humans i.e. what makes them angels is the fact that they don’t wait for praise or applause. They perform the activity and disappear. Their relationships are with the One Father. They consider themselves His instruments for service.

At the second half of the cycle, we forgot who we are. We forgot that I am a soul, a divine being, a child of God. As I forgot my true identity, I lost my self-respect and my sense of security and belonging. The deeper that void got, the more supports or props I started to accumulate to derive that sense of security and belonging from. And I started to believe the lie that the more I did and the more I got, I happier I would be.

So I chased after outcomes, accomplishments, badges, medals, trophies, followers. Baba says, don’t chase after temporary supports. It is impossible to derive imperishable happiness from perishable supports. To find true everlasting happiness, I have to love that which is true and everlasting – Baba. He is the only One that is constant, always in self-realization. That is why only He is Truth because Truth, by definition is constant.

When I make Baba my world, when I ensure that He has the most influence on the soul, I start to remember myself more, I touch base with my own destiny. He reminds me…of myself, my true self. When I remember my true self, I realize I have everything I need, it was within me the whole time.

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