The Bestower of Happiness

Baba says, ‘I am your Father, remember Me‘. When you don’t know who your parent is, whom can you remember? Human beings have forgotten who their Father is and so have become orphans. Baba comes and gives us His introduction and reminds us of who I am and that we belong to Him. He says, ‘remember Me and your sins will be absolved’.

A parent is completely invested in the happiness and security of their children. Baba is our Supreme Father, He is the Ocean of Love. He comes to bestow happiness and remove sorrow. He does so by giving us the knowledge and His companionship.

He reminds me that I am a soul, not the body. He reminds me that I am His child and that there is no one else He loves more. He gives me back my identity that I had forgotten, a last name and an address. He gives me belonging.

He reveals to me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the Drama. He tells me about how this very world was once heaven, a heaven He had created for me. Then, I was free and happy. At about the middle of the cycle, I forgot who I was and fell prey to Ravan (the vices) and as I degraded, so did the world. He is here again now to help me re-claim myself and my world. He is here to restore happiness, peace and prosperity. He makes me His companion, His helper in this most elevated task of world transformation. He gives me purpose.

He gives me the blue-print for how to accomplish the task. It starts with self-transformation, He says. He reminds me daily of my virtues and powers. He talks to me about how I used to be, who I really am. That is the vision He holds of me in His heart when He talks to me. He refuses to pick on my flaws, He is not interested in me dwelling on them and falling into the traps of shame and guilt either. He pushes me daily to rise above the petty and mundane and see myself as He sees me. A divine soul, a reflection of Him. He gives me self-respect.

Ravan is all powerful too, he takes over the world for half the cycle. The difference though is that they burn His effigy every year and they worship God. That is because, Ravan’s power causes grief and sorrow, it plunges the world into the depths of ignorance, heaven becomes hell. Baba bestows happiness and liberates us from sorrow. He establishes heaven. You are my children, not Ravan’s. You have to therefore imbibe divine virtues and give everyone happiness too, He says. He gives me an elevated upbringing and direction.

Simply consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone, He says. It is the easy method to reclaim that which you have lost. You have been carrying the burdens of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ for a long time, now let go of these bondages that are tying you to this old world and help Me establish the new world. Donate all your vices to Me and take back your inheritance of self-sovereignty, He says. He gives me my fortune.

I am the Bestower of Happiness and Remover of Sorrow, He says. I am your Father.

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