Becoming a master almighty authority

Baba says, ‘remember Me and you will become pure‘. Then you will become almighty authorities.

In bhakti, devotees refer to God as the Almighty Authority because they believe that He can do anything He wants including bringing back the dead, making the leaves on a tree move at will etc. Baba says, I don’t do those things. What He does do is, purify souls. His mere remembrance purifies souls. That is why He is called the Almighty Authority.

His very being is so pure and elevated that remembering Him gives me an experience of my own original qualities and powers. His remembrance uplifts and empowers. His remembrance enables me to experience His love which is the alchemy that heals and transforms. No matter what happens, when I remember Him, I experience a sense of protection and calm. He remains unshakable, unmovable and always firmly seated in self-respect no matter what. He is able to naturally tolerate, accommodate, discern and face anything that comes His way. At this point in the cycle, He is the only reference point for what it means to be, a soul.

Remember Me and become pure and then you will also become almighty authorities‘, He says.

Knowledge is light. It opens up the intellect, teaches me right from wrong, true from false. But simply knowing something doesn’t make me an authority in the subject…I need to have experimented and mastered using it. For this I also need might or power which comes from remembrance.

For instance, there is the point of the drama. This is a very powerful weapon to enable me to attain victory in any situation if, I have inculcated this point as a power into my practical life. If I have simply understood the point then when the situation comes, I will remember the point, even say it out loud: ‘I know this is drama’ while at the same time shaking in my boots and thinking: ‘I don’t know why this has happened’, ‘I don’t know what this is’. I know the point but come into upheaval anyway. Similarly, I might say: ‘I am the child of the Almighty Authority’….’but this situation is very big’, ‘I never thought something like this could happen!’

Baba says, ‘there is a vast difference between being a master almighty authority soul and simply speaking those words‘. Simply listening to and relating points is philosophy, He says. If knowledge doesn’t make me victorious at the right time, then I haven’t imbibed knowledge in the form of power. I don’t have an authority over it.

There are so many points of knowledge I learn from Baba. There is the lesson of the soul, the lesson of God, the lesson of the drama, the lesson of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. To imbibe all of them in the form of powers, means I guarantee victory for myself. If I don’t imbibe them as powers, then, sometimes the point works and at other times it doesn’t.

You have to practice this over a long period of time‘, He says. Just as with anything else, I need to practice to become an expert. For example, if I am learning French, I might read a book to get the words but unless I practice speaking it with others, I will not become fluent in it. Then, the more I speak, I master my grammar, the various nuances etc. There is no way around practicing. If I simply learn the words but don’t speak them, I will gradually forget them and certainly won’t develop a command or authority over it.

When I have authority over something I experience three things within myself: 1) faith, 2) intoxication and 3) fearlessness.

When I imbibe a point as a power and use it, I develop more faith in the knowledge and in myself. Where there is faith, there is an intoxication in every thought, word and step I take….there is confidence….and therefore, fearlessness…a sense of ‘been there, done that’. Then, like Brahma Baba showed us through His example, the power comes across in every aspect of my being – in my vision, my face, my behavior. Even the way I look and walk will change and be an inspiration to others.

When someone has a doubt in a particular topic, they refer the book or consult with an expert that is considered an authority on the topic. Here, I have to become an authority on spiritual life i.e. spirituality in practical life. To teach someone through workshops or lectures is a common thing- even people in the outside world do that quite well. But souls are tired of words, they crave an experience and that comes from the power of my elevated thoughts and deeds. That comes from the way I live my life. The power to transform my way of life to be pure, spiritual and elevated comes from remembrance.

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