Remember Me alone

Baba says, ‘you were so wealthy, so, how did you become bankrupt?‘. Do you know the reason?

I made you into the masters of heaven, says Baba, you were sovereigns, now, you are completely bankrupt. When gold has alloy mixed into it, its value is reduced. Similarly, by mixing the alloy of the vices, your value too has reduced, He explains. You have now become completely valueless. This is what is known as becoming bankrupt.

Baba says: ‘Remember Shiv Baba and the rust on the soul will be removed. There is no other method‘.

Maya is a big mouse, says Baba. She blows in an incognito way and then bites so that no one knows. This is how she has made you completely bankrupt, without you even realizing it, He says. For half a cycle, I tirelessly chased after one material pursuit after another, one relationship after another, one status after another because I was so sure this was the way to belonging, fulfillment and happiness. I didn’t realize that what was actually going on was that I was depleting all my resources – physical, spiritual and emotional at a rapid pace and was on the path to more unfulfillment and unhappiness.

That is how Maya works. She tricks me into investing all my wealth into one of her phony schemes that promise me the world but in fact, bankrupts me.

No one knows that she snatched away your fortune of the kingdom, Baba says. No one knows who their enemy is or how they became poverty-stricken. By biting you for half the cycle, she has made you worth a shell. She is very powerful. You are now quietly defeating her. Just as you lost your kingdom in an incognito way, you are also claiming it back in an incognito way. 

I lost the kingdom because Maya made me believe in and perform unrighteous acts, Baba reminds me. I had to ‘win’ at any cost and so my thoughts, feelings and actions became selfish, life became a hustle. Only the one Father teaches you righteous things and He is also called the Truth, says Baba.

And so He comes and tells me the truth – starting with reminding me of who I am and Who He is. You are a soul, He says, at this time, no one knows Me, the Father. Sometimes, you say: He is beyond name and form. Sometimes, you put Me into every name and form and say: God is in all the pebbles and stones. There are innumerable religions and innumerable opinions. Therefore, Baba says: Renounce all of those bodily religions. Souls say: I am a Hindu, I am a Christian, I am a Muslim. You have to forget those bodily religions, He says.

The Father now says: ‘Beloved children, constantly remember Me alone. Don’t let go of the Father’s hand‘.

Some children belong to the Father and still leave Him. Those who were amazed by knowledge, who belonged to God, listened to knowledge and related it to others were then affected by Maya and left. This is a battlefield, He says, you must NEVER stop remembering the Father. When remembrance is reduced, there is great damage, you develop doubts about various things.

Baba explains: Those whose intellects have faith become victorious whereas those whose intellects have doubts are led to destruction. Even if there is any conflict with anyone, don’t forget the Father. Your boat will sink when you forget the Father

Leaving the hand of the Father means I come under the influence of bad company or under the influence of physical organs – your eyes deceive you the most, He says- and I lose my powers. I see and hear things and without the power of remembrance, I am easily influenced by them. Then, the intoxication and happiness that I have attained automatically disappears. Then, I say: How do I know this is true? How will heaven come? When will it happen? What if it doesn’t come, at least let me enjoy myself now! All of these are signs of being bankrupt.

Then, sometimes, I go back to bhakti or go back to gurus because I don’t like aspects of the knowledge. For example, I don’t like the aspect that there is no permanent liberation, that everyone has to play their part in the Drama. But because I don’t make the effort to understand the knowledge properly, I take it as a negative. So I go to the gurus so they can reassure me that the knowledge that God gives me is false and thereby, justify my leaving.

Do you have faith in Who is teaching you?, asks Baba.

Since the Bestower of Salvation for All is just the One, why do you adopt gurus?, asks Baba. Do you want to become sannyasis, or do you want to learn hatha yoga and merge into the brahm element? No one can become merged. Everyone has to play his part. All actors are imperishable. This drama is eternal and imperishable. How can anyone receive eternal liberation? The Father says: I come to liberate even these sages? You call Me the Purifier, don’t you? Then, how can water in a river (Ganges) be the Purifier?

Baba says, by breaking your yoga away from Me, this is what your condition has become.

Other times, I find the study hard: ‘what do you mean, I have to do everything?’ Being used to the lack of accountability of bhakti, I find it hard to take responsibility for myself now. Sometimes, being body conscious, I still thirst after a vision of God like in bhakti. I feel that if I have a vision, then, I can have faith – I forget that this isn’t about seeing, rather, recognizing and realizing. Then, there are instances where I incur a loss in a business or at a job or in a relationship and because my faith was shaky, I start to think that because I left bhakti, the ‘deities’ are angry with me, that this is a bad omen. My relatives do a good job of reinforcing those thoughts and so I decide to leave.

Baba says: Sweetest children, be careful! Never let your intellects have doubts.

Have total attachment to the one Father, He says. You have to die alive. That’s all! ‘I belong to the one Father. I will claim my inheritance from the Father alone, no matter what happens’- you have to promise yourself this. You have unlimited attainment. There is no attainment anywhere else. You should have no doubt about this. You might have doubts about other things, but you do belong to the Father, don’t you?, He asks. You must never have doubts about the Father. 

It is by having remembrance that you receive power, and it is through this power of yoga that you become the masters of the world, He says repeatedly. So now, constantly remember Me alone.

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