Going from hell to heaven

Baba says, ‘those who have become My children have emerged from the extreme depths of hell and are going to heaven‘. Your days of sorrow are now over.

I am a soul that has been on a long journey through the cycle of time. I started out with a few other souls, we all knew who we were and so we lived soul conscious lives. Everything was beautiful, it was an undivided kingdom, the world was heaven. As time went by though, I forgot who I am as did the others. Life got complicated since we no longer knew right from wrong, true from false. We had no code of conduct, nothing. Everyone made up their own rules, everyone decided who/what was right or wrong, what was true for one was false for another. The world became divided and is continuing to get worse.

I don’t know how to live in this world. But, here’s the thing I have to realize, I was not meant to live in this world.

I, the soul, have been trying desperately to try to figure the world out, trying to play by the ever-changing rules, learning from those who seem to have made it – ‘the experts’- all about the right moves, the plays. I haven’t been very good at it…and actually, in the process, I’ve been manipulated, betrayed, left feeling more alone, sad and ‘unfit’ than I have been. I have tried to fight the bad stuff, challenge it, cry about it but nothing changes, it seems. This is how the world works, you have to play the game to fit in. It is a scary feeling to feel deep in your bones that you will never fit in… So I try…it’s what I need to do, right?

Wrong! says Baba. Again, I am not meant to live in this world. It is very understandable and expected that a resident of heaven would feel out of place in hell. The solution then, is not to learn to be a resident of hell, it is to change the world back to heaven.

So, no, there’s nothing wrong with me, I am not stupid. I don’t have to ‘get better’ at hustling, jostling or undercutting. I don’t have to get ‘smarter’ about how I ‘network’ with the right people. When I see others ‘make it’, I don’t have to feel defeated. When someone is cunning or shrewd and I am not, I don’t have to shame myself for not being more like them…you know, ‘street smart’.

Baba comes and pulls His children out of this old world, He liberates them with knowledge. Those who have become My children have emerged from the extreme depths of hell and are going to heaven, He says.

It is the depths of hell for everyone but not everyone has the awareness. God has come and reminded me of who I am and that I belong to Him. He has told me about the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. You don’t belong in this world, you belong in the new world, in heaven, He tells me. ‘Now, consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. Having the knowledge makes it incumbent upon me to take action, to transform the world.

I step inward and touch base with my true self. If I just touch the surface, I will feel the hurt, pain and wounds. So, let me persist and touch base. There, lies my truth- a peaceful, loveful, happy soul. I then, move upward and connect with the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Happiness. Our home, the sweet silence home, is far away from this world, from it’s noise. It is beyond the sun and stars, as far away as can be. I remember the Father there and experience the purity, peace and love that is pure, that I hadn’t experienced in the whole cycle. I also feel the safety of being at home with Him.

You have become tired, come and rest here, He invites me. I come only once at the confluence age to give my children the patience of knowing that your days of happiness are coming, He says.

I have to use this time, the only time in the cycle I get, to rest up, heal and fill myself up. Let me not take this lightly. Trying to make it in the old world has left me severely depleted, bruised and injured. I have lost a lot of blood, so to speak. I need to get healthy again. That means, I need to feed myself only nutritious food i.e. the Murli. That means, I need to experience only the qualities of God that bring me happiness, that remove the stress and tension and fill me with strength. I stay in His company constantly.

That means, I have to renounce the old world. I have to overcome the addiction of looking at the past- the wasteful thinking of how he/she treated me, how they made me feel, how they cheated me etc. etc. This is poison to the soul. It also means, I have to let go of the desire to fit in and therefore let go of the ways I had adopted to fit in. I have to stop expecting residents of hell to behave like residents of heaven such that I am not disappointed when that inevitably doesn’t happen.

Baba, by giving me the knowledge, by making me belong to Him, has effectively plucked me out of this world. It doesn’t mean I don’t live here physically, I do. But spiritually, my intellect is not stuck in the world trying to fight it or fit in….it is connected to the Father. I am no longer drinking the poison of negative feelings or emotions, I have found pure love that I am filling myself with instead. I engage my intellect with this world for the minimum time I need to in order to fulfill my duties, then I am back home with the Father. I don’t hang around, look around…that’s when Maya comes. Talking about worldly duties, I reduce them where I can, I prioritize my spiritual healing and rejuvenation.

Whatever time you get, a few seconds, a few minutes, throughout the day, ‘remember Me alone‘, He says. It is the only way to detox and become pure, become myself again. The iron age has passed for you, He says. For you, it is now the elevated confluence age and you are preparing to go to the golden age. There, everything is new. The Father says: Children, you now have to go from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness. 

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