One Father and none other

Baba says, ‘I come to meet my spiritual lovers’.  It is only at this time in the whole cycle that the meetings of the spiritual Beloved and the spiritual lovers take place.

I, the soul, had been separated from my spiritual Beloved for the whole cycle. He is here now. Am I celebrating a meeting with Him or am I still separated? I know based on how I feel throughout the day. Do I go about my day feeling like an heir of God with all rights? do I find that transformation is easy because of the support of the Beloved or do I experience spiritual life to be a labor? The unlimited Father makes all the children the almighty authorities, as He is. So why do I still experience labor?

Often, we check but we are unable to change ourselves. We know it, we accept it but we are not able to do it. I even use all the tactics Baba has taught me and yet, I do not gain liberation. The reason for it, Baba says, is one small mistake which makes me spin in the cycle of a maze. What is that?

If I am suffering from a physical illness and I am prescribed a medicine, no matter how powerful the medicine may be, I may be good about taking the prescribed dose, but if even once I accept one of the items which I have been cautioned not to accept, I will not be liberated from pain through the medicine. In the same way, on the spiritual path, I take the medicine of knowledge, that is, I spin the knowledge in the intellect and discern correctly in my thinking that: this is right, this is not right, this should be done, this should not be done, this is victory and this is defeat. I have this understanding in my intellect, that is, I take the dose of medicine in time. I go to class, I do service, I take all these doses, but the first precaution and the code of conduct is to maintain the consciousness of one Baba and none other. It is when I don’t observe this main precaution of maintaining this consciousness in a powerful way that I get in trouble.

But often I deceive myself by thinking: I belong to Shiv Baba anyway, there is no one else. However, it isn’t about saying or thinking it, I should be the practical embodiment of such remembrance such that even in thought there is no individual, no object, no relationship or connection or anything except one Baba. This is the main precaution.

Due to carelessness in this precaution, due to the influence of the atmosphere, due to the influence of company, due to the dictates of my own mind, I am not able to maintain this consciousness constantly. I don’t pay as much attention as I should. I pay full attention for a short time but then gradually, full attention becomes just attention, and after that, attention becomes many types of tension. Under the influence of situations and test papers, attention takes on the form of tension. Due to this, as the consciousness changes, my power also changes. Instead of being the almighty authority, instead of being one with all the rights, I become subservient to Maya and she becomes the one with rights. Then, understandably, change does not happen i.e. the tactic does not bring liberation.

The main precaution has to be observed constantly, says Baba, pay constant attention to this one aspect.

When I make myself alone, separated from the Beloved, then life becomes hard, just like it was before Baba came. But if despite Him being here, I feel the same way, then I have deprived myself of the only opportunity I have in the whole cycle to experience true, unadulterated, unconditional love and support. This is the only time I can be completely carefree in a chaotic world…and actually know it, appreciate it.

Apart from the Father, if I accept any other soul or even any facilities as my support, even just in my thoughts, then the second that I make someone or something else my support, in that very secondthe mind and intellect have stepped away from the Father. Because of stepping away from the Father who is the Truth, the intellect will begin to consider something false to be true, and something wrong to be right. It begins to make wrong judgmentThen, no matter how much someone tries to explain that that is not right, with the power of falsehood I will prove the correct and right things to be false to the one who is trying to explain to me.

So never forget the Beloved, says Baba. I got in trouble when I forgot myself and Him. He has come and reminded me. I have found the One that I was looking for, above Whom there is no one else. Never let the company and hand become separated, He says. I have the fortune to play a part alongside God Himself! I become His helper in His task of world transformation. To be co-operative in His task means to remain hand-in-hand with Him. You didn’t promise to be with Me only sometimes, you promised to be with Me constantly, He reminds me. Let there be the Beloved in your vision, in your attitude and let Him be your world. Then, life is a happy meeting with the Beloved.

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