Use your specialties

Baba says, ‘use your specialties‘. Then, you will experience progress at every step.

Baba often talks about three specialties in each child – love, co-operation and being an embodiment of power. These specialties should not just be for you but everyone must be able to experience these from you in every thought, word and action, He says.

Just as the Father is the Ocean of Love from Whom each one experiences love, souls whether they have knowledge or not, must be able to experience love from me, the master ocean of love. This should not be forced or faked but must be natural. It must be experienced as spiritual fragrance in the atmosphere, He says. Just as when I go to the shores of a physical ocean, I automatically experience coolness and peace, it isn’t as if the ocean makes special effort, it is it’s natural specialty.

All of us say we love the Father but Baba says, let others also experience the spiritual love. You have to spread the fragrance into the whole world. Every soul should experience me to be an elevated soul. Today’s world is hungry for true, soul-conscious love. Seeing selfish love everywhere, their hearts have gone beyond that love. This is why everyone considers the experience of even a few moments of soul-conscious love to be the support of their life.

Sometimes, I make myself content by thinking: ‘I am loving’, ‘I am good’ but Baba says, you are the Father’s helpers, you are true servers. It isn’t enough to have specialties, you must use them to serve. You are a trustee, He reminds me, of your body, mind and wealth. When the Father comes, He makes me belong to Him and I give Him my life. Then, everything I have, including the body are His i.e. are to be used in service for His task. Do I have this consciousness? If I don’t pay attention and use the specialties I have to serve, then, Baba cautions, that specialty will remain as is, it will not grow.

This is why, sometimes, I feel that I am following the disciplines, attending class every day, moving along but not really making progress. I have to use the specialties in service.

Service, Baba explains, is not just giving knowledge or teaching the course. People have been doing that since the copper age! The specialty of God’s children is to give an experience. Every one that comes in contact with me should experience that they are going back feeling full – maybe they understood something deeply, it answered a long unanswered question they had and will make a difference in their life, maybe they experienced soul-conscious love, they experienced powers, qualities…

Similarly, you must be co-operative with everyone, He says. They must experience your waves of zeal and enthusiasm, they should experience that you are helping them. Whether they have a weak stage or experiencing an adverse situation, they should experience co-operation from me. Maybe someone is having a clumsy moment, let me co-operate with the power to tolerate. Don’t just think, ‘I am tolerant’, says Baba. If you are, then use the power in service, He says. And don’t just co-operate with a few, Baba cautions, that is selfish. Your co-operation has to be unlimited just like the Father, the Ocean. The light from a lighthouse is not just for itself but for bringing lost ships back to the shore. Let the light and might of your tolerance reach others, He says. They should experience coming into the light of power from the darkness of weakness by you helping them forge a connection with the Father, He says.

And that’s important. Many get trapped in ‘guru consciousness’. Baba strongly cautions against this. Don’t trap anyone in yourself, He warns. The sign of a true server is that the Father would be visible through their every action, every word of their would remind others of the Father, their every specialty would be a signal pointing souls toward the Bestower. They forget the consciousness of ‘I’ themselves such that others don’t see them either, they only see the Father. If they see me and not the Father, then, that is not service, that is a sin, says Baba. It means that I have taken that soul away from their Father, away from their inheritance. Like the gurus in bhakti, I have made that soul dependent on me, attached to me rather than bringing them to the Father. This is making souls fall, not climb, says Baba.

As a child of the Bestower, you must give every soul an experience of the Father- of His love, His co-operation and His power. Use your specialties, your every treasure that you have received as gifts from the Father to serve your brothers and sisters. Always consider yourself to be His instrument when you co-operate with everyone and signal toward the One. When you do this, you will be a true server and experience progress in every step.

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