Refinement is greatness

Baba says, ‘become an angel and experience refinement by doing spiritual exercise and having self-control’. Refinement is greatness.

The wings of angels are well known, they are the ones who are always flying. Baba has given us the wings of knowledge and remembrance. Are my wings strong? If your wings are not strong, then, Baba says, even if you wish to fly, you repeatedly come down. Do you always keep flying beyond body consciousness, that is, beyond the world of the old body and old relationships? Do you remain beyond these, in an elevated stage?, He asks. Do you experience body consciousness to be a very bad odor? Just as you move away from a bad odor, or you adopt a method to remove it, in the same way, do you adopt methods to remove body consciousness?

God’s children are not ordinary, they are His helpers, His angels. Do I experience myself to be an angel? Are you able to stabilize yourself in a stage beyond this world of bodies, in your original stage, in a second?, Baba asks, do you know how to perform this drill?

Often, I want to practice the bodiless stage but just as I try, my mind runs away. To practice even a physical drill, Baba says, you need lightness, not heaviness, because heaviness is a burden or a barrier. Here too, when I carry burdens on the intellect, I find it difficult to practice the drill. Instead of going up, I keep coming down again and again. Instead of experiencing the seed stage, I get caught in the upheavals of the expansion of the tree, that is, in the tree of many thoughts. I sit in order to have a heart-to-heart conversation, but, instead of that, I open a file of complaints about myself and other souls.

Let me pay attention to the quality of the 16 hours of waking time throughout the day. If I don’t follow Shrimat accurately during this time i.e. allow myself to become loose – allow waste thoughts, gossip, read the news, social media, dwell on the past, get caught up in the many types of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ – then, I will have a hard time experiencing the seed stage or any of the other forms. I come to Baba to lighten my burden, but because I don’t follow Baba’s Shrimat, instead of lightening my burden, I continue to increase the burden of many types of disobedience of Shrimat on myself.

Just as doctors advise their patients to maintain a healthy weight and stay light, in the same way, Brahmin souls have to lose the heaviness i.e. change the gross intellect into a subtle intellect to be healthy, says Baba. What is the elevated method to remove grossness? Precaution in diet and exercise.

Let there be the exercise of the intellect becoming bodiless again and again. Let the sparkling form of the point of light come in front of you. Keep your mind busy in this spiritual exercise, He says, because with this exercise, your mind will always be good. With this experience, your mind will become a weapon for you to become a conqueror of Maya because I will learn to put a full-stop to useless thoughts in a second. Just as physical exercise keeps your body healthy, in the same way, this exercise will keep your mind strong. Even if I am in the middle of a task, let me experience that I, the soul, am performing the task through these physical organs.

Now for the diet: thoughts are the food or the diet for the intellect; let there be precaution in that too, says Baba. Let me only accept that food of thought which is required, whenever it is required. Let me not take extra food of waste thoughts. Self-control is needed for this precaution.

Self-control means wherever and whenever you need to apply your intellect, you should be able to apply it, says Baba. Only then will you become those with refined intellects. Refinement is greatness. Just as, in terms of the body, having a healthy weight is considered to be a good personality, in the same way, refinement of the intellect and lightness of the soul is the personality of Brahmin life.

So finish the many types of heaviness of burdens, says Baba. Aim to finish these and become an angel, that is, make yourself light.

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