Co-operating with the Father

Baba says, ‘To co-operate with the Father at the confluence age is the way to become an easy yogi‘. In this way, you become a constant yogi.

A life is not one or two hours. A life is for all time. Yoga is not a ritual, it is an attitude, it is a lifestyle. You are ones with a yogi life, Baba reminds me. A yogi life means a constant yogi.

As a constant yogi, I will have constant awareness of the self as an elevated soul and of Father. I am never alone- the Father is my constant Companion while eating, drinking, walking and moving around. I am constantly relating to Him as my Father, Teacher, Satguru, Friend, Beloved, in all relationships. He is my family, He is my world. And so whatever is His is mine and whatever is mine is His. The task of world transformation is not just something He does and I watch but it is a family task. I am an equal partner in this task. He has told me that my self-transformation is what will help with the world’s transformation and so that is the co-operation I offer Him.

As is the Father, so am I. I am observing Him, learning from Him throughout the day. Whatever the Father’s virtues are, they are also mine. I have a yogi life. Then, automatically, I am constantly absorbed in the love of the One, I am constantly cheerful. I constantly experience His canopy of protection because I experience all attainments from the one Father, thereby remaining safe from the pull of Maya. I am easy-going because I am full, there are no needs or desires to fight over. I value my life with the Beloved too much to battle sanskars or get entangled in any corporeal things. When I don’t get entangled, He doesn’t have to untangle me. I offer Him my co-operation.

The Father says: You receive the kingdom with the power of yoga. Everything depends on studying. By performing good actions you claim a high status.

I perform good actions when I follow Shrimat – I offer Him my co-operation. He tells me to be loving no matter what – I learn from Him the virtue of tolerance, His love emerges the love within me. But Maya is cunning too! The mind that has been accustomed to body conscious thinking for half a cycle will offer a different response or approach based on logic: ‘you should share with them only if they share with you, else you should ignore them’, ‘You must help them with that task only if they will acknowledge you, else you must work on it separately’. So it offers me the ‘if, then, else’ logic. Sometimes, I make the mistake of consulting with others around me and while they are well-intentioned, there is mixture due to conditioning, karmic accounts, their own life experiences etc. and so their advice to me is also mixed. And so while more often than not, I know exactly what I need to do, I still allow myself to be influenced.

Baba says, ‘I am your Teacher. Listen only to Me. Since you belong to the Father, then it is just you and the Father and no third person‘, He tells me. When I belong only to Him, I then listen only to Him. I offer Him my co-operation.

Yes, my mind might scream a different advice, try hard to convince me to go a different route but when I resist and follow the Father, I co-operate. When I steadfastly make my every thought, word and action align with His, I co-operate. This co-operation is what is the fast-track to self-transformation. It spares me the trouble of thinking for myself, I simply follow the Teacher, the Guru. My mind tries to cough up scenes from the past- mistakes, gaffes, betrayals by others etc. to try to shame me, anger me and take me off track. But when I make my intellect powerful enough to reject those scenes and replace them with my experiences with the Beloved, with memories of my self-progress, the love and attainments I have received from the Father, I co-operate. When a situation occurs unexpectedly and waste thoughts start to form, when I apply a full-stop in a second, I co-operate.

This is known as being knowledge-full, says Baba. This is called being a yogi soul and a true server. To make the Father’s task your task and co-operate is yoga. You become a constant yogi.

For half a cycle, I lived for myself, it was all about ‘I’ and ‘mine’ Now, it is time to lift up my eyes and serve the world. To serve the world is to serve the Father. When I can ignite the lamps of my brother souls with mine, when I can inject into them hope for a better future, when I can energize them with a jolt of zeal and enthusiasm, when I can spread cheer and radiate happiness, I serve. I make myself useful to the world. I can only do this when I am spiritually lit inside, when I am pure, when I am so full and content that I am able to give freely with no expectations. There is just the pure feeling and good wish that my brothers too should be liberated, that they too should claim their inheritance from the Father, that they too should experience what I have.

Such children are seated on My heart-throne‘, says Baba, ‘they are benefiting thousands of people‘. When I become such a serviceable soul, I automatically receive blessings from the hearts of souls and of the Father. This becomes a lift for my own spiritual progress. ‘They remain seated in the heart‘, He says, ‘those who are seated in the heart will be seated on a throne‘.

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