Multi-million fold return for one

Baba says, ‘at this blessed time, one step of your actions easily brings multi-million-fold help from the Father‘.

This confluence age is a blessed time because the Bestower of Blessings comes at this time, Baba reminds me. It is only at this time that I can receive multi-million fold help from the Father. At every other time in the cycle, I receive a one-for-one return but at this time, I receive multi-million fold return for one.

But I receive this when I am the Father’s co-operative server. To be a co-operative soul is to be an embodiment of renunciation.

There are times when I feel as if nothing much is going on, it’s as if I am going around in circles. I feel stuck. I go to work, come back home and then rinse and repeat every day. I am working hard but not getting the credit for it, I am keeping a good attitude but not seeing much progress. I feel as if despite doing all the right things, I’m being left out, being ignored, sidelined.

I might not be seeing progress, but there is a lot of progress being made. I am learning renunciation, detachment. I am learning not to rely on tasks, projects, approvals, recognition to measure my self-worth. I am learning about and developing self-respect. To be able to remain seated on the seat of self-respect at all times – in the good and bad- is to be equal to God. I am who I am, the child of God, in both good and bad. Just because exciting things aren’t happening, just because others are not celebrating me does not reduce my worth just as their celebration does not increase it. This is the most important lesson I learn on the spiritual path and I learn it during the dull days, the mundane days.

But sometimes, when I don’t realize that I am being prepared, I get sour, frustrated and resentful. I start to feel like a victim and my attitude suffers. I then try to force things to happen- I try to straighten people out, tell them they are wrong, I raise issue, fight for my ‘rights’. Sometimes, I get asked to help with a task and I think- that’s too ordinary for me! I’m way too qualified and have worked way too hard to waste my time with such a task. And so I pass on it, ask the team to find someone else. I forget Who is in charge of my life. I have given my life to Baba, He is the One Who is getting things done (Karavanhaar), I am just the doer(karanhaar) or instrument. When I have this attitude, I don’t see tasks as big or small, I co-operate.

It is during these times when I feel hidden or ignored, so to speak, that I learn how to be an instrument and a doer. This is when I learn to partner with God, to work with Him. If things happened instantly, I’d make the mistake of thinking I can do anything I want on my own strength, that I don’t need anyone. I attach my worth to be able to get things done. But when things don’t work out, I rely on God, I go to Him, speak to Him, learn from Him about self-respect, about soul consciousness.

Sometimes, I do the task but do so grudgingly, while complaining about it in my mind. This does not help me grow, I don’t develop. God wants to see if He can trust me when things are ordinary, when things are mundane. Can He trust me to be His partner now? If I don’t partner with Him in the ordinary, what are the odds I will when things are going great?! I forget that I am here to co-operate with God in His task of establishing the golden aged kingdom. Instead, I think I have hired God to help me ‘make it big’ in Ravan’s world. I might argue that I am looking to open a center- this would help God, I say. It doesn’t matter what the disguise is, what matters is intent. If I am looking for recognition, fame, glory for myself- it is still impure.

Baba is not looking for my partnership, for my co-operation to feel good about Himself. He doesn’t suffer from body consciousness! He does it because when I learn to partner, I receive multi-million fold return for one. When I do things alone, it is according to my limited capacity but imagine how much more I can do with help from God! And I do it with the right intention- to serve, not for glory. I become I person I want to be, that I can respect. Can I keep a good attitude, can I keep being my best, giving my all in the ordinary times, even when I am being ignored, when I don’t receive credit, even when things are small?

This is what Brahma Baba did. When he became God’s medium to establish the yagya, there were just a few souls. As God’s instrument, Brahma Baba poured his all into these souls- his love, his time, his knowledge, his wealth…everything. Then, a number of them left. He could have given up and said, ‘what’s the point…this is a waste of time.’ But he stayed on and not just stayed on out of compulsion but kept the same love, same attitude of giving, of uplifting. He never forgot he was the instrument, he never stopped trusting God and the drama. Then, for several years, there continued to be just small groups of children that attended. But baba always spoke to 10 like he was speaking to a 1000. He never slacked off saying – ‘who cares, it’s just the same 10 souls..’. He never stopped believing, his attitude was never half-hearted. Until the end, he never traveled much, didn’t attend big programs or give lectures at big venues. He always sent the children. It was never about glory for himself, it was about furthering the Father’s task, it was about empowering the children.

When I am co-operative in this way, I become equal to the father. I am seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, they see me as their trust-worthy companion. I become the person it would take years to be, in a short time. Then suddenly, when I least expect it, on another seemingly ordinary day, there will be opportunity! But this time, I will be prepared for it. I will receive it as a trustee, as a partner to God. Then, I will see Him move obstacles out of the way, become the Intellect of the Wise and touch intellects such that there is co-operation. He will ensure the child is uplifted and that His task is accomplished easily.

One is to earn through your own hard work and the other is to suddenly win a lottery, says Baba. Everyone experiences all their powers and virtues through their own efforts. However, the practical fruit of special co-operation is the experience of receiving greater attainment than you would receive through your own efforts. Whatever result you wanted to experience through your own efforts over a long period of time will be experienced so easily and in such a powerful stage that, even against your conscious wish, the sound that emerges from your mind will be: It is Baba’s wonder! The experience will be, “I am experiencing in the corporeal form something that I never even thought would be possible.” So, only co-operative souls experience the attainment of the special blessing from the Father. Such an experience becomes a special memorial in your life. 

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