Baba says, ‘Those who don’t understand the drama, remember bodies and continue to shed tears’. They can never remember Shiv Baba because they don’t love Shiv Baba.

As we go through life, we all have unfair things happen to us, things we don’t understand. We lose a loved one, a best friend betrays us, business goes under. It’s easy to go through life blaming others or ourselves, in self-pity, even blaming God. If I am not careful, I live life always looking back and reliving the negative. I then carry all this baggage that is weighing me down. Baba says, whether it happened 20 years ago or 20mins ago, don’t carry negative baggage from yesterday into today. Whatever has happened, even a second ago is drama. It’s in the past and as long as I continue to hang out in my past, I cannot move forward.

Yes, what they did was wrong, it hurt me deeply. I was sincere and worked really hard on that business, now I have nothing. It’s hard, it’s really, really hard. But it happened. Now, do I want to hang on to it and let it continue to hurt me or do I want to move forward to the next chapter of my life? If I live in the past, keep letting it replay on the screen of my mind, I’m making myself unavailable for the new things God has for me. There are, believe it or not, new beginnings in front of me even though it feels like life has come to a stop.

It feels much easier to go through life being bitter, resentful, in self-pity, not trusting anybody, with a chip on my shoulder but every experience I’ve been through has played a part in making me who I am today. It has taught me something about me, made me stronger, wiser, more confident, resilient. They are all parts of the puzzle that is my life- if even one piece was missing, the puzzle would be incomplete. I need each experience at the time it happened to move to the next milestone. Let me understand this about the drama, let me look at it as my friend, not my enemy. It is building me up to make me a Mahavir, a great, victorious warrior. I can be either pitiful or powerful but not both.

I may have made lots of mistakes, I may have lots of regrets. But living guilty and condemned doesn’t make it any better. Letting go, on the other hand, will not only unburden me but I will step into what God has in store. You now understand that you have to claim your full inheritance from the Father. Where God is, there is freedom, there is lightness, there are new beginnings and God doesn’t live in my past. Let me come into my present. Right now, there is a new beginning, there is peace, there is victory. Crying over yesterday, living in regret over what I should have done isn’t productive. Living angry, upset, bitter over what didn’t work out will only keep me in mediocrity. Let me not become a prisoner of my past, let me move forward.

As hard as it feels to accept it, a key principle of the drama is: whatever happened is good, whatever is happening is better, what is to happen is even better.

Yes, losing that business, that loved one feels anything but good but when I can move past it, in time, I will discover how that scene fits into my story, into my puzzle. I will see the role of that scene in propelling me into my destiny. If something didn’t last, let me realize that I no longer need it for my journey. A person leaving is not going to stop my destiny. It means their role in my story is over. This is trusting and standing firm on the rails of drama. Let me not get stuck on what happened, there is something better coming. If I’m living in the yesterday, I’m in effect canceling out the better of today because my mind is moving in the direction of yesterday, it is moving backwards. I’ve come to Baba to receive my inheritance, let me not cause myself a loss.

Baba says, let go and cremate the past. Perform a cremation ceremony! Sometimes, I let it go but then in a few hours, I go pick it back up again! When I cremate something and then dig it out, it’s going to be dirty and stinky. Not only will it make my life sour but no one is going to want to be around me! Living bitter, regretful, angry….all that does is it pushes away people and opportunities. Carrying bitterness and unforgiveness is stinking up my life. There is an amazing future in front of me, but I have to do my part- I’ve got to move forward. Maybe I need to cremate a mistake I’ve made- there isn’t a better time to do it than right now! Let me have a cremation ceremony for it and put it behind me. Let me never believe the lies that I am a failure, that I am unworthy, a loser….that’s the stink. Let me never let the defeat play in my mind. When it comes up and it will, I have to very firmly change the channel. I have made a firm decision – I’m not living in regrets, in past hurts, I’m not rehearsing my failures…I’m moving forward. I may have made mistakes, but the present is better and the future is even better.

I have a finite amount of mental resources- I need it to move forward. Let me stop thinking and talking about the past. Let me stop calling that friend or family member to talk about what so and so did, or about my mistake or about how something shouldn’t have happened. I’ve cremated it, it’s no more! This does not mean I’m denying what happened, it means I’ve given it to God and decided to move on trusting that He will take me to where I need to be. It means that I trust that this too was a necessary part of my journey to get me to where I need to be. I trust the drama.

In fact, only when I can do this, only when I can leave the baggage behind, will I be able to connect my intellect’s yoga with God. This is called having a loving intellect for the Father- I examine my own illnesses that are plaguing me, holding me back and cure them using His Shrimat. Events, what people did…I drop it and let it go. My mistakes that are weighing me down, I tell Him about them and become light; I realize and change for the future. When I can do this God will heal me, He will restore me and take me to where I need to go.

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