The old house and the new house

Baba says, ‘have unlimited disinterest in this old world because the Father is creating the new home of heaven for you.

It can be pretty exhausting living in an old, dilapidated house. The floor is creaky, the roof looks like it might cave in at any time, the walls are peeling off, not to mention the termites, the faucets are all leaking, it’s a mess! To live in such a house is to live on the edge, extra careful so as to not touch anything or step on anything too hard, lest, it should completely fall apart. It’s clear when it gets to this point that the house is best demolished, it’s beyond repair. The exciting part is that my Father and I are already building a new house for us! And so every time I hear the floor squeak in the old house when I walk, every time I have to clean up the water from the pipes, every time I see the termite ridden walls, I take a deep breath and tell myself – it’s okay, it’s just a few more days, the new house is almost ready!

Then, I start to think of the new house- I’ve got just the right flooring, the right paint and wallpaper, the beautifully hand-carved furniture, the chandeliers, the state of the art plumbing…on and on. It’s world class, on prime location….actually, there’s literally nothing wrong with it! And just like that, I forget my woes of the old house and a smile starts to form on my lips, I have a spring in my step, joy fills my heart.

Baba says, ‘have unlimited disinterest in this old world because the Father is creating the new home of heaven for you.’

Yes, it’s exhausting to live in the old world. Everyone, it seems, is out to get one another, manipulating, lying, backstabbing, pushing….it’s a selfish old world, it’s hell. Each time someone does something hurtful, I can get sucked into the spinning of ‘why did they do that to me!?’, ‘how could they behave that way?’, ‘I’m going to tell them exactly how I feel about what they did!’ but the question is what good would that do? It’s an old house, it’s all falling apart, I know that already. Does it make sense to get the wall assessed or look under the flooring to see why it’s squeaky or try to get a new roof at this point? No, because that would be sinking more money, time and energy into a house that will be demolished soon. So, the best thing to do is drop it, leave it and move on.

Yes, what they did was wrong, it’s hurtful but I don’t have to allow it to hurt me any more than it already has. I just have to live in the old world for a short while and for that time, what I need to focus on is protecting my peace, my happiness, my contentment- this, is my inheritance, my birthright and the only things I take with me to the new house. The rest of the nonsense of the old world will be destroyed when the house comes down, so I don’t have to worry about it, try to fix it, correct it, spend another second on it. That means I learn to forgive quickly, I learn to let the past be the past and not revisit it, I learn to live as a detached observer.

But often I do the opposite. I allow myself to be sucked into the spinning, the questioning, the wallowing in self-pity and lose my peace and happiness in the process. Then, I go looking for ‘peace of mind’! ‘Well’, says Baba, ‘you don’t have to make effort searching for peace…it is your original religion, it is your very nature, even your home is the land of peace!‘ I already have peace and happiness within me, I just need to protect it, pay attention to not trade it off for worry, bitterness, hurt, resentment and all the rest that is Ravan’s inheritance. For half a cycle, it’s what I lived with and had therefore come to accept these emotions as ‘natural’. But Baba came and reminded me of the truth. Let me have a loving intellect toward God and His inheritance and unlimited disinterest for the old world and all that Ravan offers.

Sometimes, I get deceived into thinking: ‘yes, the new world is being established. But what about right now! I still need that promotion, I still need that recognition from so and so…as long as I have to live in this world, I need to be able to show my achievements, that’s just how it works’. That’s like fighting for and paying for a room in the old house that’s about to fall apart! Who cares about being recognized in the old world where I am celebrated one day and dropped the next? Who cares about positions and titles that are made up by body conscious people to satisfy egos? My worth comes solely from being a child of God, not from the temporary, termite ridden, shaky and squeaky things of the old world. Let me pay attention to my thinking and what I am putting my time and energy into. None of the things of the old house can go with me to the new house and more importantly, the more time I waste being distracted by wanting to ‘be someone’ in the old world, the longer it’s going to take for the new world to be built.

My Father is here and He is super excited about the brand new home He is building for me. It’s so good, in fact, He falls short of words in describing it- it’s just heaven, He says. Let me spend more time at the new site, helping my Father take care of things there – do we need more paint? more wallpaper? more metal? in other words, let me put on the powers, let me remember each of the Father’s praise which is also my praise, let me become an embodiment of all the attainments of this time. How is my foundation i.e. let me ensure my identity is tied to being God’s child, nothing else. Let me stay busy here, in the newness. The old house…forget it, just a few more days! As soon as we can get the new house is ready, the old house will go down.

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