Baba is the most beloved

Baba says, ‘You children have the faith that Baba is the most beloved. It is said: Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. ‘

If I know God as He is, there is no way that I would want to do life without Him, in fact, there is no one one else I’d rather be with. He is the most beloved, the sweetest of all.

He is the Father: Baba says, ‘The most loved by the Father are the children.‘. There is a so much, so much, so much love between you and the Father! You and I live together this whole birth, we are combined. Our occupation is also the same – that of world transformation. We will also go home – to Paramdham- together, this is our promise. This is the kind of love that binds the Father and the child.

He is the Teacher: After the Father, it is the relationship of the teacher that is sweet. I study from the teacher and claim a status. It is said that knowledge is the source of income. Baba comes and teaches me Raja yoga. He teaches me about myself- who I am, what kind of a soul I am and He teaches me about Him – Who He is and what kind of a soul He is. He teaches me the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle, the history and geography of the world. He reveals to me the secrets of time. ‘Through this study’, He says, ‘you are becoming such great people!; you are becoming deities with divine virtues, the masters of heaven.

He is the Satguru: When Baba comes at the end of the cycle, there are many false gurus and false gods in the world. There are many who study hatha yoga, they go and sit in caves. They display their many occult powers- they make many things emerge through magic, even walk on fire and water. However, no one can receive liberation or salvation through them! Only the one true Satguru comes and grants liberation and salvation to everyone. He teaches me how to live in the midst of impurity without being influenced by it, like a lotus flower. You mustn’t run away from your responsibilities to the caves, He teaches me, you don’t even have to live at the center. You must stay at home with your family, take care of everything, but do it without being entangled. He grants me the wisdom to be liberated-in-life.

He is Karankaravanhaar: There is no question of inspiration here, He says. I come to where My children are, I come to the impure world, in an impure body and teach My children. I speak through the mouth of Brahma the knowledge of Raja yoga. He isn’t someone who turns up His nose at all the impurity and stays home! He comes and gets hands-on with His children. He sustains, teaches, disciplines, and yes, ‘inspires’ me through His actions to be like Him. ‘Why do you worry about how anything will get done‘, He asks me, ‘all you have to do is simply be present and I will get it done through you‘. He does and gets it done and then lets the child have all the glory.

He is the Purifier: You called out to Me for half a cycle: ‘O purifier, come and make the impure ones, pure’. I have come now, He tells me, to purify you and take you back home with Me. I have to come to purify everyone, this is not a matter of inspiration. He can only come when the old world has to become new. Therefore, He definitely comes at the confluence age. It is because of not knowing the Father, that you became impure, He explains. According to the drama, you had to become tamopradhan. He purifies me through the knowledge of who I am and Whom I belong to. You forgot and became impure, now, you remember and become pure again.

He is God: They say that those who do a lot of devotion find God. Therefore, those who do the maximum devotion should surely find Him first! This is the account. You are the first ones to perform devotion. Therefore, you are the ones who should receive knowledge from God first so you can then rule the kingdom in the new world!

He is Rudra: When devotion ends, God creates the sacrificial fire of Rudra. In the golden age there is no question of sacrificial fires or devotion. It is only now that the Father creates the imperishable sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra which is then remembered later. You have been saying: ‘Baba, when you come, I will sacrifice myself to You because when I sacrifice myself to You, You will sacrifice Yourself to me for 21 births.’ This is a deal! This sacrificial fire of Shiv Baba is to purify the impure. The Father says: I come at the Confluence Age of every cycle to change you from human into deities. The flames of destruction have to emerge from this sacrificial fire. The impure world has to be destroyed and the new pure world will be created for you.

He is the Highest on High: People speak of Trimurti Brahma, that is wrong, He tells me. Baba is the Highest-on-High, the Creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. His is the Highest Authority Godfatherly Government. When I learn to live under His governance, I transform my life, and the world transforms into heaven. When the Highest-on-High Father makes you His child, every child of His claims a right to His inheritance of heaven, his right to become a deity as his birthright.

He is Babulnath: Baba has love for the thorns as well as the flowers. The Father comes to make the forest of thorns into a garden of flowers. This is why He is called Babulnath, the Lord of the Thorns. In this world, everyone keeps pricking one another with the sword of lust. He comes and liberates you from the sword of lust and purifies you. He changes you from thorns into flowers. The Golden Age is called the Garden of Allah.

He is the Magician: To make Bharat into heaven is a game of magic! and this is why He is called the Magician. A magic act is often something spectacular performed in an instant– by snapping the fingers or waving a wand. It has the impact of making my eyes pop in wide amazement and prompts me to exclaim: ‘wow! how did he do that?!’. He comes and changes humans into deities and beggars into princes in an instant, at the snap of the fingers, in this short confluence age. Have you ever seen such magic?

He is the Jewel Merchant: He does the business of jewels. We have jewels of knowledge in us worth hundreds of thousands. Through these jewels of knowledge, He says, you change from those with stone intellects into those with divine intellects.

He is the Businessman: That One is the greatest Businessman! He does the business of the jewels of knowledge. Scarcely anyone does this business with Him. This is an imperishable business, for all other businesses are going to turn to dust. You are now doing true business, He tells me. By doing this business, your intellects become very humble. The deal is first-class, but you also need courage, He explains. What do you give and what do you receive! You give the old, worthless junk and receive new, valuable treasures. You trade in the sorrow of the old world and become the masters of heaven.

And yes, He is Shiva: The Benevolent One.  I am Shiva and you are saligrams, the children. It cannot be said that Shiva is omnipresent. Otherwise, everyone’s praise would then be the same. His name is not a bodily name, it is the name of the soul, it never changes. His ways and means are unique. They are completely different from those of all human beings including the deities. It is sung: ‘Salutations to Shiva, You are the Father and Mother, the Helper, the Master and the Friend’. He is the world. Through Brahma, Shiv Baba is now carrying out establishment of the original eternal deity religion which has disappeared. Shiv Baba comes and adopts you through Brahma. He says: You belong to Me. You are Shiv Baba’s children anyway, and then, through Brahma, you become grandchildren and receive the inheritance.

The praise of the Father is limitless. Your intellects simply have to have remembrance of the Father, He says. Only Shiv Baba makes you so worthy. You children should have so much love for the Father. You now know that you belong to the unlimited Father, you now have a relationship with Him. And I say: ‘Yes, Baba. By attaining You, I have attained the whole world. Not just the earth, but even the sky is mine.’

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