As is your awareness, so is your stage

Baba says, ‘As is your awareness, so is your stage’.

For half a cycle, I had the right awareness – I am a soul, not the body. Then, I was a deity and the world was heaven. Everyone was naturally soul conscious and therefore, peace, happiness and contentment was also natural. Then, half way through the cycle, I forgot who I am and started thinking the opposite- that I am the body. Accordingly, my thoughts, words, actions also changed to match this new consciousness and as a result, my peace, happiness and contentment left me and were replaced with chaos, sorrow and discontentment. I started to get angry, become bitter and resentful, feel rage and a whole host of new feelings that I wasn’t accustomed to, nor equipped to handle. So they started to teach me how to ‘manage my anger’, ‘manage my stress’ and everything else. But no matter how much I ‘managed’, life kept getting worse and the world kept descending into hell.

Then, Baba came and turned the switch on- the switch of awareness. He reminded me of who I really am: ‘You are a soul, remember?’, He said. No wonder, everything was wrong! If a carpenter tries to do a plumbing job, of course, things are going to go wrong- pipes will burst and there will dirty water all over the place. The solution is not to ask him to ‘manage’ his feelings of shock, inadequacy, shame, regret and fear that he feels at that time, rather, it is to simply remind him of who he is- ‘you are not supposed to be doing this, you are a carpenter, remember?’. Soon enough, with the right tools, his tools, he does just fine. Phew, what a relief! And all this time, I thought something was wrong with me! Now, I have my peace back, I am smiling again.

Baba says, ‘as is your awareness, so is your stage‘. Awareness is the foundation to my whole life- my attitude, vision, thoughts, words, actions…everything. And so the very first lesson in this study is the answer to: ‘who am I?’ and it is also the last lesson. The journey in between is where I shed off all the wrong and the false and embody my truth that I have been reminded of.

And so I start off my journey with repeating: ‘I am a soul, I am a soul, I am a soul…’, ‘I am a child of God….’ but it is one thing to know this truth and another thing to embody this truth. ‘Check‘, says Baba, ‘how far along you are on this journey‘. The means for progress on this journey is the remembrance of the One Father and none other. He is my reference point, when I remember Him, I remember my forgotten truth. He shows me how to think, speak and act through His own example. The less distracted I am by the left or right and the more focused I remain on Him, the more progress I make.

The whole world is body conscious at this time and so yes, I am surrounded by it all day long. Each day will have multiple opportunities to be distracted: what he/she said, why did this happen to me…, they shouldn’t have done this/that…etc. but when I have a strong foundation of the awareness of who I am and my aim, I recognize them to be distractions or side scenes. Then, I see but I don’t see them i.e. I don’t get pulled by them. I stay on the straight path. ‘In your awareness‘, Baba says, ‘there should always and only be who I am and Whose I am. Let there constantly be your perfect form; the form of power that you are going to attain in the future.  In addition, constantly remain powerful with the awareness of the Almighty Authority Father‘.

My awareness is the foundation to my transformation. As long as I am just an embodiment of thoughts, I will want to transform i.e. I will want to say and do the right things but I will lack the power. That’s when I say things like: ‘I didn’t mean to say that or do that, but it happened’. Only an embodiment of awareness is an embodiment of power, points out Baba. When my foundation is not strong, I become subservient to old sanskars that overpower my intention to do the right thing. Right at Amrit vela, stabilize yourself in the right awareness, teaches Baba, it becomes the foundation for the rest of the day: ‘I am the child of God! I am helping my Father create the land of happiness once again by following His shrimat.’ To stabilize myself means that I actually experience being a child of God, celebrate a meeting with Him, receive His love. I see my Father’s task as my task, I feel a sense of responsibility. When I am in the right awareness, I can then serve.

People in the world are in extreme darkness, they need the light switched on too. They are tired, though, of hearing empty words; they want to see an embodiment of light. They want to see me be peaceful in the midst of the storm, handle situations while being unshakable, forgive when it’s hard. That’s when they realize that something is off where they are and walk into the light. Baba says, ‘you have the knowledge, now become powerful through being the embodiment of that knowledge or awareness’. Any situation that comes- be it now, or in the final moments- will always be of a second. If I take more than a second, I go into waste thoughts and lose my stage. So in that moment, I have to decide: ‘do I need to get involved or no?’, ‘do I need to respond or let go?’, ‘will I allow this offense to get inside me or forgive?’, ‘is this Baba or is this Maya?’. I will know the right answer only when I am in the right awareness. I have been in the wrong awareness for a long time, I have a short time to practice remaining in the right awareness. Baba says, ‘You are Godly students, you are studying the Godly study and so you definitely have to pass with honors; you have to become an embodiment of awareness.’

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