You understand the contrasts

Baba says, ‘Only you children understand all the contrasts- between the iron age and the confluence age and between the golden age and the iron age.’

The beauty of being a resident of the confluence age is that, by definition, I know both ages that I am at the confluence of- the old iron-age and the new golden-age. I also know the contrast between the iron age and the confluence age and the confluence age and the golden age. I know the contrast between bhakti and knowledge, between the unlimited night and day. In other words, it is only now that I have the knowledge of the whole cycle and therefore am able to appreciate the vast contrasts between the different ages, different paths, different lifestyles etc.

Baba says, ‘you die alive when you belong to the Father. Your anchor has now been lifted from the old world, you now have no connection with that world.’

  • In contrast to the people of the iron aged world who consider themselves to be clever in many things, the children of God at the confluence age are considered by them as innocent. But in actuality, they are the innocent ones because they don’t have the understanding or cleverness to know the cleverest Father of all.
  • I know the roots, I have imbibed the knowledge of the drama whereas they live in the expansion of the leaves. They remain lost while searching in the expansion of questions such as: ‘what?’, ‘why?’, ‘if not like this, then how?’. I say: ‘Wah Baba! wah drama!, wah my elevated fortune!
  • I have already attained multi-millions from the One whereas they are still counting millions and billions. I have made a deal with the Jewel Merchant Himself and He gives me trayfuls of jewels daily. I play with those jewels while the people in the iron age play with stones. I even swing in the swing of jewels, in fact, I have nothing but jewels. So even when they give me stones, I put those aside and give them the gift of jewels in return.
  • When someone in the iron age is hurt or betrayed by someone else, they have no choice but to hold a grudge, plan revenge, let bitterness take root in their heart leading to a full-blown case of unforgiveness. I, on the other hand, have the power to forgive and let go. Not just that, I then get to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for that soul!
  • There, when there is a crisis, people worry. I, rest knowing that everything is beneficial and that I am taken care of.
  • There, everyone is an orphan in the unlimited orphanage run by Ravan. Here, God is my Father, practically. He is also my Teacher and Satguru- three in One! He loves and sustains me, teaches me the knowledge of the Creator and the creation as well as guides me at every step. When I obey my Father and Guru, I remain safe from performing actions that I will regret. There, because there is no guidance, every action performed becomes a wrong action.
  • There, I am judged based on a perfect performance, here, I am not judged at all. My Father simply teaches me to be myself, honestly.
  • That is a life of bondage, this is a life of liberation from all bondages. God comes and frees me from the jail of Ravan and teaches me to be a self-sovereign. There is no sovereignty in the iron age except the false sovereignty that can be purchased with money. Here, this self-sovereignty cannot be bought; I claim it through the study of Raja Yoga. I receive two thrones at the confluence age: one is the immortal throne of the soul that I always have but at this time, I also receive the heart-throne of God. In the iron age, there is no throne at all! Even though I have the immortal throne, I lack awareness of it and so it’s as if I don’t have it at all.
  • There, everyone in impure; here, God comes to make me pure from impure; Complete purity is the very foundation of Brahmin life.
  • There, it is the survival of the fittest, I am taught to hustle to get ahead of the pack. Here, I am taught to be a bestower, to give and put others first. I am taught the truth that giving is in fact receiving.

Unlike the iron age, I receive world sovereignty in the golden age and yet, the confluence aged sovereignty is still more elevated than the golden aged sovereignty.

  • In the golden age, every day there will be the natural music of the elements of nature. I will be awakened by the instruments of nature! That’s great! but it falls short of how I wake up now at the confluence age: The Master of Nature, God Himself, awakens me at amrit vela.
  • There, there is the sweet music of nature, here, there is the music of the Father calling me: ‘Child, sweet child!’ God’s natural music is so much greater than nature’s music in the golden age.
  • At the golden age, I will simply enjoy the reward of the effort I make now at this confluence age. Those royal sanskars, I create those now. Everything has to be accomplished now at the confluence age.
  • There, I will eat various delicious, juicy fruits straight from the trees. Here, I eat the instant sweet fruit of all relationships that are filled with all attainments given to me by the Lord of the Tree!
  • There, I enjoy the fruits of the golden age, here, I enjoy the fruits of the diamond age. Here, I get to enjoy Brahma Bhojan which is praised even more highly than the food of the deities.
  • There, I will be looked after by maids, whereas here, I am being looked after by the Father Himself! There, my parents will be great souls, whereas here, God Himself is my Mother and Father.
  • There, I will play with others with jewels and toys. However Baba says: ‘Here, you can constantly play with Me in whatever form you want.‘ You can play with Baba as your Friend or your Brother. You can play with Baba as His child or play with Him as your Child. You would never find such an imperishable toy anywhere else; a toy that will not break nor crack. It doesn’t even cost you anything.
  • There, I will sleep comfortably on mattresses, whereas here I sleep on the mattress of remembrance.
  • There, I go to sleep, here at the confluence age, I can go to the subtle region with the Father; this wonderful meeting place of the subtle region will not even exist at any other time than now.
  • There, I can only tour that one land in my golden aged viman, but I can now tour around all three regions, sitting right where I am, in the viman of my intellect.
  • There, I will be the master of one world, here, I am the master of the three worlds!
  • There, I will only have two eyes; here, I also have a third eye.
  • Now, at this confluence age, I am knowledge-full and blissful; there in the golden age, I will be a royal buddhu!
  • There I greet other souls but here I get to wish God, my Father, ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good night’.
  • There, I will have the right to be a world sovereign who rules the world, whereas here I am a world benefactor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings. Sure, I become happy when I hear about the things of the golden age but now, I am becoming a constant embodiment of happiness.

So, now, says Baba, constantly keep in front of you both your golden-aged reward and the importance and attainment of the present time; the iron aged shudra life you left behind and the present elevated life of being a child of God. Then, by understanding the value of the present time, you will be able to make every second and every thought elevated.

But don’t stop there, He says. Place these contrasts in front of others, so that they can then judge for themselves: Am I a resident of heaven or of hell? Is this the old world or the new world? Is this the kingdom of Rama or the kingdom of Ravan? Are we residents of the old, iron-aged world or of the new world?

Although you will eat various foods there, here you eat Brahma Bhojan, which is praised even more highly than the food of the deities. So, constantly keep in front of you both your golden-aged reward and the importance and attainment of the present time. Then, by understanding the value of the present time, you will be able to make every second and every thought elevated. Do

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