Rup and basant

Baba says, ‘Each of you also has to become rup and basant, just as Baba is Rup and Basant.’

Baba is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. It is because He is the Ocean of Knowledge that it is said, ‘Even if you turned all the oceans into ink, not all the knowledge could be written down.’ Baba is the Authority of Knowledge, that is, He doesn’t recite the knowledge He has read from a book or scripture, He is the embodiment of the knowledge He gives me. He showers on me what He has within Him in the form of sanskars. ‘I am Rup and also Basant’, says Baba. He is the embodiment of knowledge (Rup) which He then showers (Basant) so that all human beings can change from sinful souls to charitable souls.

While there is physical rain every year, this spiritual rain of knowledge that the Father rains only comes around once every cycle. It only comes, now, at the confluence age. It is now that the Father reminds me of who I am, of Who He is and reveals to me the secrets of the world cycle. It is now in the my intellect as to how the cycle turns. I become a spinner of the discus of self-realization. Lakshmi and Narayan are not the spinners of the discus, they don’t have this knowledge. Here, this is my study. I don’t take the knowledge with me into the golden age that I could relate it to others there. I only carry the result of my study. However much of it I am able to imbibe within myself now is what will go with me there. And so Baba says, ‘each of you has to become rup and basant, just as Baba is Rup and Basant.’

To the extent that I become rup, that is, to the extent that I become an embodiment of yoga, to that extent, I will be able to imbibe the knowledge. In other words, to the extent that I am soul conscious, I will be able to imbibe the knowledge. If I am body conscious, then I will be caught in the wasteful spinning of: ‘why?’, ‘how?’, ‘when?’, I will struggle with ‘if’s and ‘but’s and spend my time battling and analyzing. Only when I am in the awareness of being a soul will I be able to connect with Baba and receive the power I need to imbibe the knowledge. It’s one thing to be able to give a lecture on forgiveness and a whole different thing to be able to forgive. It’s one thing to speak about being a ruler of the self and a whole other thing to be able to apply a full-stop in a second. Only the experience of the Father’s love gives me the power to reclaim my inner kingdom.

Study well and teach others so that they too can change from thorns into flowers‘, instructs Baba. It was because you children became great donors at this time that Bharat is remembered as a great donor, He explains. You donate imperishable jewels of knowledge, each worth thousands of rupees. But the key, He reminds me daily, is to churn each jewel and imbibe it within myself first before donating to others. If the knowledge is just in the form of points in the intellect, then neither will I experience the power or happiness nor be able to give others the experience. ‘Souls are tired of hearing empty words’, Baba observes, ‘they crave an experience.‘ As long as I am just repeating the knowledge like a pundit reciting scripture, then the arrow will not strike the heart, it will only reach the head, He says. People may applaud and say: ‘great lecture!’ but that’s about it. No lives are changed. But when I have become an embodiment of the knowledge, then I won’t even need to speak all that much. I will only speak a few words and hearts will be transformed.

Today, Baba says, many come to the programs and exhibitions the children organize, they listen to the knowledge but leave saying: ‘this too is good.’ They feel that everyone relates similar knowledge. That has to change to: ‘only this is the Father’s knowledge. Only this is the way.’ That can only happen when I first become rup before I become basant, like the Father.

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