Only the Father reforms that which has been spoilt

Baba says, ‘Only the Father, the Innocent Lord, comes and reforms everything that has been spoilt. The dictates of Ravan spoil human beings. The Father comes and reforms that which has been spoilt.’

At this point in the cycle, the whole world has become tangled up by running on the dictates of Ravan. No one but the Father can untangle that which has been tangled. The soul knows this deep down and this is why people call out to Him: I am of no use, so come and purify me and reform my character. The Father comes at this auspicious confluence age for His children to purify them. ‘Your characters are being reformed so much now’, He says. What someone is like, how much they have been reformed is visible in their face and behavior. It cannot remain hidden. ‘Be careful‘, says Baba, ‘Maya is very incognito. Today, someone may be called a maharathi or a swan whereas tomorrow he become like a stork. It doesn’t take long!’

Lust and anger, the Father points out, are the great enemies of souls. While most have conquered lust, anger still continues to rise up and roar its ugly head from time to time. I see someone do something which I perceive to be wrong and that makes me angry. I then proceed to correct them and sometimes, even tell others just how wrong what they did was. ‘Only the one Father is the eternal Herbalist. He will give everyone medicine.’, Baba reminds me. ‘So why do you take the law into your own hands?‘ When I have even a trace of anger within me, I won’t be able to help others as much as I will defame myself and the Father. ‘It’s the Father’s duty to reform everyone‘, He reminds me. When you defame others by spreading stories or speaking angrily, it is taking the law into your own hands; they won’t be reformed by that. In fact, there will be conflict and they will then become like salt and water. ‘The Father is sitting here for all of you children‘, He reminds me, ‘it is a big mistake to take the law into your own hands and defame others.‘ Everyone has one weakness or the other, as yet, no one has become perfect. Some have a certain defect and others have another defect. ‘The Father has the contract of removing those‘, He tells me categorically, ‘this is not your duty‘. When the Father hears of the children’s defects, He explains with a lot of love in order to remove them. Only God’s love is the alchemy that can heal and transform; anger is a vice, it makes things worse.

Baba says, ‘The dictates of Ravan spoil human beings, the Father comes and reforms that which has been spoilt.‘ The five vices together are Ravan and anger is a big one. For half a cycle, Ravan taught me how to do everything based on the vices, now Baba comes and reforms everyone on the basis of shrimat.

By not following shrimat and performing actions based on vices, your status is destroyed‘, He teaches. Then, because you made that mistake, your conscience bites you. You then have to make a lot of effort to get back up again. So Baba says, ‘if anyone has a defect, your duty is to tell the Father. To tell many others is body consciousness. Such ones‘, He points out, ‘don’t remember the Father.‘ Ravan has adulterated souls by mixing in his devilish dictates, He points out, now through remembrance, you have to become unadulterated. If you just tell the one Father, that soul, He teaches, can be reformed. Telling other unreformed souls cannot help matters. However, Maya is such, that she puts my head into a spin and makes me do wrong things.

The Father says, ‘I come to reform you and change you from ordinary human beings into deities. You must just remember the Father and your inheritance.‘ When the Father Himself doesn’t judge, why do the children become judges of others?, He asks. The Father teaches through example. ‘So many defame Me’, He points out, ‘yet, I come and become their Friend. They defame Me so much and yet I consider them to be My children. I have so much love for them.‘ As His child, I have to do the same, He teaches. If someone defames me or does me wrong, His teaching is: consider them to be your friend. This, He points out, is the way to defeat Ravan. To retaliate with anger, with rage is to strengthen Ravan’s regime. To reject the hurt, the anger and forgive; to reject the bitterness and show mercy is to defeat Ravan. This, Baba explains, is how you help the Father reform others. This, is how you actually can help your brothers – through being their friend, through mercy and forgiveness.

If Baba had judged me, if He had not shown me mercy and forgiveness, I would never have the courage to stand up on my feet. But He sustained me, taught me and guided me with love. He merged my mistakes into His heart. He refused to look at me as a weak soul; instead, He always kept me in His elevated vision, no matter what. Now, He says, follow Father.  Just as the Father reforms everything of everyone that has been spoilt, so children too should be just as eager to reform that which has been spoilt. For that, He says, remember the Father as much as possible and become like Him. Only do this business.

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