Serve with your attitude and vibrations

Baba says, ‘Just as you serve with words, in the same way, together with words, also serve with your attitude. Put a stamp on minds and intellects with your vibrations.’

Service is the original sanskar of Brahmin souls; I cannot be a child of God, experience His love transform me and then not want to serve my brothers and sisters. Usually, this service takes the form of words but, says Baba, according to the present time, the easiest method for service is to create vibrations through my attitude and to create the atmosphere through my vibrations because the attitude is the most powerful method of all.

Unlike service through words for which I need to go to different places, I can serve through my attitude while sitting in one place. While people over time easily forget what they hear, they never forget an experience they’ve had of an atmosphere. The experience of the atmosphere becomes imprinted on the heart.

This doesn’t mean I stop serving through words, no!. Rather, says Baba, you now have to do both types of service simultaneously. When I set up a program of serving through words, I also have to create an atmosphere with my spiritual attitude and vibrations. However, my attitude will only become spiritual and powerful enough to change an atmosphere when I don’t have any vibrations of a wrong attitude in my heart and mind. The attitude of my mind, Baba teaches, must always be clean. If I have any wasteful or a negative attitude towards any soul, then negative means rubbish; they become a wall in front of spiritual vibrations, teaches Baba. No matter how powerful the sun might be, but if there is a wall in front of it, or if there are clouds, the light of the sun cannot come through. So, strong vibrations, Baba explains, are like a wall and lighter vibrations are like light clouds or black clouds. They don’t allow spiritual vibrations to reach souls. ‘So pay attention to this‘, says Baba. ‘First of all, check yourself: Is the attitude of my mind pure and spiritual?’

If my attitude is negative, then I need to transform the negative into positive with my good wishes. If not, I hurt myself the most, I feel distressed in my own mind. A negative attitude then leads to waste thoughts. They run fast and furious and tire me out; then neither can I serve myself or others. ‘But’, I think, ‘there are people around me that are difficult, and hard to work with; so do I have to deny the reality of how they are to stay positive?’ No!, says Baba. This is not denial; this is transformation. My very occupation, Baba reminds me, is world transformation. Sure, what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right, but learn to not keep it in your heart, says Baba. By having this attitude in my mind, my vision and world will also change.

So now, the easiest tactic to ensure my attitude doesn’t become polluted, Baba says, is to just do one thing: When I come into contact with anyone, simply give and receive blessings. Even if they give me bad wishes, my job is to continue to only give good wishes. ‘Your challenge to the world‘, Baba reminds me, ‘is that you will make even nature satopradhan.’ So now, according to the time, Baba says, the intense effort is to create the atmosphere through my attitude. So even if there is a slightest amount of rubbish in my attitude, I won’t be able to create the atmosphere through it. My vibrations will reach nature; words will not be able to reach there.

Just as many things can be caught in the sea at the same time by throwing a net, in the same way, vibrations can attract many souls at one time. Vibrations create an atmosphere. Now, says Baba, put a stamp on minds and intellects with your vibrations.

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