The secret of the three fathers

Baba says, ‘tell everyone the secret of the three fathers in the form of a story.’

At this most auspicious confluence age, God Himself comes and asks His children a question: ‘How many fathers do you have?’ Of course, the children are confused and wonder what kind of a question they are being asked! Everyone has only one father, how can anyone have more!? The Father Himself, amused, explains: ‘You remember the Father, the Supreme Soul, when you are unhappy. When in sorrow, people say: ‘O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, liberate us from this sorrow!’ So, there are two fathers: one is a physical father and the other is the spiritual Father Whom everyone remembers and Whose praise they sing: ‘You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. There is a lot of happiness through Your mercy.’ So, even though I have a physical father and mother, it it that Father and Mother that I remember when in sorrow. Only that Father can ask me such a question, no human-being can.

On the path of devotion, I used to sing: ‘Baba, when You comes, I will listen to no one else but You. All others only cause sorrow, only You give happiness.’ The Father comes now and reminds me of what I used to say. Indeed, I cannot receive as much happiness as the Father gives me from anyone else. This is because, every human-being at this time is body conscious and where there is body consciousness, there are the five vices. And so no matter how well-intentioned anyone might be, there is always good, better, best. With that Father, there is no good, better, best; only pure. He alone is Ever Pure; He is therefore, perfect. He has no needs, no desires, no ulterior motives or any expectations from anyone. He simply serves altruistically; He is the Bestower. This is why, only He is the Liberator. Only someone who is free from bondages themselves can free others.

They say He is beyond name and form. ‘But O!‘, says the Father, ‘nothing and no one can be beyond name and form.‘ Everyone agrees that they are more than physical bodies, that they are souls. A soul is a point of light, a sparkling star. So surely, the Father of souls would also be a point of light, a sparkling star just like the children! Yes, the difference is, He, unlike me, does not have a body of His own. And so when He comes at this confluence age to meet His children, He enters an ordinary, impure body of a soul whom He names Brahma. This is why Brahma is referred to as Bhagirath or the lucky chariot. The Father adopts souls through Brahma. In that sense, Brahma becomes my mother while, God, Shiv Baba, is my Father. Shiv Baba speaks to me through Brahma. In addition to being the Father, He also becomes my Teacher and Satguru- three in one!

In the world, the physical father is rarely also my teacher and he is never my guru. He would in fact, send me to a teacher for education and when I get older, he would send me to a guru. Baba doesn’t tell me this. There is so much difference between a physical father and the Father from beyond! one makes me wander around while this Father is all in one! There, gurus would say: ‘Chant mantras, do tapasya and perform devotion etc.’. Here, the Satguru simply gives me one mantra: ‘Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone!’ and this is not a mantra to chant; there is no need for any sound here. I simply belong to the Father, become the child and remember Him with a lot of love. When I do this, His mere remembrance, washes away all sins and makes me pure again. When I follow His elevated directions which He gives me through the mouth of Brahma, I become elevated again. ‘I teach you Raja yoga just as I did a cycle ago’, He reminds me. ‘Through this study, you become the masters of heaven, the king of kings!’ I receive this knowledge and therefore, the inheritance of the sovereignty from the Father through Brahma. Children receive their inheritance from the grandfather as their birthright. So in that sense, Shiv Baba is my Grandfather while Brahma is my father through whom I receive this inheritance. He is my alokik father. When Shiv Baba enters him, He becomes the Father of Humanity or Prajapita.

So‘, says Baba, ‘you now have not one, not two, but three fathers!‘ No one except you can understand these wonderful aspects. Some children say: ‘I have a direct connection with Shiv Baba.’ ‘But O!‘, says the Father, ‘how can you have a connection with the Grandfather without a connection with the father? How can you receive the Grandfather’s inheritance unless it is through the father?‘ The Father knows that at this time, all the children have become orphans. It is through not knowing the Father – by thinking that He is omnipresent or that He is beyond name and form- that souls have become orphans. He comes to make them into heirs. ‘They have to be made to belong to the Lord and Master and be elevated‘, He says. So He comes and adopts souls and makes them belong to Him, practically. He loves, sustains, teaches and guides. He becomes the Beloved, the Friend, and the Companion. ‘So then‘, He asks, ‘how can anyone say that I am omnipresent?’ You have to imbibe these points and then explain it to others, He instructs.

I have been receiving an inheritance from physical fathers from the copper age for birth after birth. But it isn’t that I receive an inheritance from my physical fathers in the golden age too, Baba explains. No, the inheritance I receive from my physical fathers in the golden age is due to the income I earn here at this time. I earn so much income here through the study that the Father teaches me that I claim my inheritance for 21 births. I receive an unlimited income from the unlimited Father. I then receive short-lived inheritances from my physical fathers from the copper age in different names, forms, places and times.

Now, it is the end of the cycle. ‘You are now making preparations to go home, to the world beyond’, says Baba. ‘All of you are in the stage of retirement while alive.’ When people go into the stage of retirement, they receive a mantra from a sage or holy man. Here too, I receive a mantra from the Satguru: Manmanabhav! By staying in remembrance of Baba, I, the soul, will become pure and go to Baba. I will claim my inheritance for 21 births from Baba. So, there is the physical father, Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba. I truly have three fathers. There is no question of blind-faith in this.

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