18 Steps of Actions of Brahma Baba (Part 1)

To become equal to the Father…points to practice.


(1) To enable everyone to move forward by giving them love and respect

Baba used to give everyone natural, most elevated, full and true love and respect. Baba used to fill the children with enthusiasm calling them endearing terms with a loving and sweet smile: Sweet children, lost long and now-found children, jewels of the eyes, serviceable and spiritual children, beloved children etc. Through this, everyone would feel that the Supreme Father, the Ocean of Love, through the human form of Father Brahma, was showering us with spiritual love. That soul would experience great fortune and coolness that was never experienced before. Baba would create love for God in each soul and enable them to sacrifice lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Baba used to say: Look children, can you not renounce these things that give you sorrow even for that Father? For birth after birth, you have been carrying…

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