18 Steps of Actions of Brahma Baba (Part 1)

(1)To enable everyone to move forward by giving them love and respect

Baba used to give everyone natural, most elevated, full and true love and respect. Baba used to fill the children with enthusiasm calling them endearing terms with a loving and sweet smile: Sweet children, lost long and now-found children, jewels of the eyes, serviceable and spiritual children, beloved children etc. Through this, everyone would feel that the Supreme Father, the Ocean of Love, through the human form of Father Brahma, was showering us with spiritual love. That soul would experience great fortune and coolness that was never experienced before. Baba would create love for God in each soul and enable them to sacrifice lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment. Baba used to say: Look children, can you not renounce these things that give you sorrow even for that Father? For birth after birth, you have been carrying out this business of vices. In this last birth, the Father has come to give you the inheritance of peace and happiness. So for this short time, for the sake of the Father, can you not renounce these things? Hearing these sweet versions from the Father, everyone would become engaged in making effort to become pure and making others pure. They would receive such love and sustenance from BapDada that they would forget worldly happiness and become connected with the divine family.

(2)     To follow every Spiritual law and to encourage that in others

While telling the children the discipline of the life of the path of knowledge, Baba would say: Children, there is benefit (fayda) in the laws (kayda). When you stop observing the laws, the task is spoilt. This world is permanently observing laws, therefore never stop observing Godly laws. Together with this, Baba would say: Children, never take the law into your own hands. If you are not able to get on with someone, if there is a conflict of sanskars, if you have any complaint about anyone, you mustn’t create any opposition against that person. To raise your hand against that person or to punish that person in any way means to take the law into your own hands. If anyone’s defect or fault is causing you sorrow, you must not relate it to anyone here and there and spoil the atmosphere but tell Shiv Baba through one Baba and Shiv Baba will Himself caution that child.

One rule that Baba used to tell was that whatever place or whoever has been appointed for a task, everyone should give respect and co-operation to that person even if the person appointed for that task was younger or less experienced. Baba used to say: To give your full co-operation to that person who has been appointed is the divine code of conduct. To see the weaknesses of that person and to oppose them, to sulk with them or separate yourself from that person is the devilish code of conduct. Baba says: if anyone has any weakness, it is your duty to fill that gap. To continue to speak about that one’s weakness is not greatness. The greatness lies in removing that weakness.

(3)     See each one’s virtues and use them for service

Baba used to praise each child’s virtues and fill that child with enthusiasm and happiness, and using that virtue for service, would benefit that child. Baba used to never see any child’s weaknesses. If someone knew how to sew, Baba would say: This is very serviceable for God’s yagya. Baba used to like having clothes sewn by the hands of knowledgeable and pure children. Seeing an old and uneducated person Baba would say: The elderly people are able to do a lot of service because they are experienced. If they relate the things of knowledge to others from their experience, then those listening to that would be touched by that. Seeing an uneducated person Baba would say: Child, so what if you are not educated! Simply to know Alpha and Beta is enough. In the same way, Baba would see the children, the orphans, those from different places and different age groups with soul-conscious vision and engage them in one or another task for people’s benefit. Whatever virtue anyone had, Baba would use that virtue for the service of the yagya through which that child would receive Godly power to be able to transform his sanskars.

(4)    To work hard yourself and show others

Even after surrendering himself with his body, mind and wealth and, while having an old body, Baba still engaged himself in Godly service for the benefit of the people. Service, service and service- Baba only used to think of service and bringing happiness to human souls. Baba used to work for more than 18 hours throughout the day. He never used to think of his food, drink, way of living or his comfort of facilities. Baba would say: Children, if I do not serve the yagya with my body, how would I get a body that is free from disease and pure? Children, you should have great enthusiasm to do service. Like Dadichi Rishi, you should also give your bones in the service of the yagya for only then will your body be purified. However much you serve the yagya, you will receive that much power and your lifespan will increase. Baba gave all of us children this slogan: To do Godly service is to make your fortune great.

(5)    To make everyone happy and light

Baba himself used to always remain happy and would always speak such things that, no matter how peaceless someone was or how many problems he had, when we see Baba’s sweet smile our sadness and worries would run away. Our mercury of happiness would rise high. No one ever saw any lines of worry or sadness on Baba’s face. In an atmosphere around Baba there was always waves of happiness and the fragrance of happiness. Baba always brought happiness and enthusiasm to the children and would say: Children, may obstacles and storms will come, but you must never be afraid or lose courage. You are victorious jewels. You have tilak of victory applied on your foreheads.

(6)    Beyond laziness and carelessness and a conqueror of sleep

There is a saying: A true yogi is one who is a conqueror of sleep. There was no name or trace of laziness in Baba’s life. Even though the body was old, Baba was engaged day and night in transforming the sanskars of human souls. We never saw any signs of tiredness in Baba’s life. Baba never postponed anything due to laziness. Whatever work came in front of Baba, Baba never did that with half a mind. He did not make mistakes or have carelessness, but instead, with a full heart, with great determination, he completed it with great enthusiasm. No matter how many obstacles there were, even if in the beginning, that task seemed impossible, even under all circumstances, he definitely found one way or another way to complete that task. This was the sparkle, the shine, the power of the mind, determination and fulfillment of his promise.

(7)    Complete renunciation of the consciousness of “I”

Pita Shri completely renounced the consciousness of “I” and claimed number one. Many children also had renunciation, but, let alone speaking about it, Baba never even had the feeling of having renounced anything. Baba used to say: Instead of shells, I have received the sovereignty of heaven. Baba used to keep his form so simple that no one would be able to know him as Prajapita Brahma. However, behind his simplicity was greatness; the shadow of the future emperor would be revealed. Any desire for respect or honor was miles away from him.

Baba never kept anything for himself. Many times children would say: Baba, leave this broken down building and stay in the new building. Baba would reply: Children, Shiv Baba has come in the old body and the old world. So, Baba will also stay in the old building. The new building is for the children. No one else would have such renunciation. Because of the renunciation of the consciousness of “I”, Baba was always carefree and unshakeable.

(8)    Brahma Baba was the most elevated Yogi

While speaking , Baba would disappear from the body, that is, he would become bodiless. It was as though Baba was hearing everything and yet was completely immune to it. Baba would never listen to any service news of expansion or give any expansive response. When coming into sound, Baba would stay beyond sound and with just a couple of elevated versions, he would make all of us fly beyond all sound. In his final days, we only saw silence and dead silence in Baba’s room. Baba would eat his food very slowly in a very yogyukt manner and would repeatedly remind us: Child, whom are you feeding? At the time of bathing, Baba would say: Child, I am pouring this water on Shiva. In this way, Baba made yoga a means of entertainment in every action. Baba’s every action was yogyukt. While writing letters, listening to children or meeting children, Baba would always stay with Shiv Baba. Baba always used to talk to Shiv Baba. On Whomsoever Baba’s drishti would fall, that one would become detached from the body. On coming in front of Baba, no one ever had a desire to say much. They would automatically recive a solution to all their problems.

(9)    Constantly carefree and an unshakeable stage

In 1956, Baba was suddenly taken ill with a physical illness. The doctors in Abu suggested that Baba should have an operation in Bombay. With serious faces filled with worry, they said that, at such an age, very few such operations were successful. Hearing this from the doctors, some children’s minds became emotional. However, there were no signs of any illness or pain on Baba’s sparkling face. Baba was in his carefree and unshakeable stage. Seeing the children’s faces serious and filled with worry, Baba said sweetly: Children, I am fine. Yes, I am completely fine. All of you know that this is an old body and old things definitely need patchwork; but, nothing has really happened to Baba. Children, don’t worry! This stage of Baba’s inspired the children in a subtle way: Even if the most difficult test of Maya comes through the body, then, by remaining detached from the body and in a soul-conscious stage, and with the practice of staying in the remembrance of God, you have to become so strong that it is not able to spoil your stage even slightly.

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