Supreme Soul

Who is the Supreme Soul? What is His introduction?

Name: Like us, God is also a soul. Unlike us, He is referred to as the Supreme Soul – the only soul who never takes a body (gross or subtle, human or angelic) of His own. He is beyond the effects of actions and is never subject to the dualities of birth and death, pleasure and pain, success and failure. Being beyond the limits of time of this physical world, He retains absolute knowledge of the universe and all its dimensions.

Residence: God lives, not everywhere but somewhere. A thought of God almost always takes the eyes upwards, as though one is perhaps expecting a face to miraculously appear from behind the clouds or to beam down from the moon. Thoughts are powerful. They link one soul to another. If they are properly channelled, thoughts can even go where only the soul can travel – beyond the moon and stars to a dimension of golden red light, the original home of all souls. Immersed in the experience of the warmth of this light, the soul feels as though it is truly at home at last, and with God.

If God were not in the Soul world but omnipresent instead, could the world be in the state it is in? More importantly, could the purest, powerful being reside in such an impure world?

God – The Spiritual Sun

Like the physical sun, which gives light and life indiscriminately to all beings, God is the Spiritual Sun, giving light to all, whomever and wherever they may be. He serves altruistically, without any selfish motives, reminding each one of their innate qualities of love, peace and happiness. This is why He has been remembered in some countries and cultures by the name Shiva, The Benevolent One.

God’s Wisdom, Love and Power

People may wonder why, if God exists, He doesn’t wave a magic wand and fix things, making or at least influencing everyone so that they do exactly what they ‘should’ do. But God never takes away anyone’s freedom of choice. God’s wisdom is to recognize and respect each soul’s individual identity, freedom and inherent goodness. God shares knowledge – a profound understanding of the dualities and dilemmas of love and hatred, happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat, etc. – but He does not make our choices for us. The soul is free to choose ‘to be or not to be’, ‘to love or not to love’. God’s love strengthens the soul’s will to free itself from the distresses caused by vices such as selfish desire, anger, fear, ego and attachment. God’s power helps the soul to recognize its highest potential and to aim for perfection by practising the art of simple living and high thinking. Such practice by a significant number of souls eventually brings about positive change in the whole of humanity.

 In doing so, He performs different roles:

  • World benefactor – removes sorrow and bestows happiness. How does he do this? Through this Rajayoga knowledge with which He empowers each of us individual souls with the realization of who we are, that we are souls, free, powerful beings that can create our own destiny based on the quality of our thoughts (see article on how to manage thoughts).
  • Father: Because he gives us the inheritance of peace and happiness
  • Mother: Loves unconditionally, sustains and empowers
  • Liberator: He liberates souls from sorrow and takes us back home to the soul world. It therefore does not make sense that He would be vengeful, or punish or cause sorrow. We experience sorrow as a result of our own thoughts, words and actions. (See articles in Self-Management)

Whenever you remember Him, reach out to Him – not in words but through your thoughts, He will respond. It is His task, His very nature to respond to a call, to help, to give, to benefit. So there should be no doubt that He will respond- it is simply a matter of bringing this into our experience. God is truth itself and thus can be recognized with the eye of truth.

Rajayoga teaches me to remember myself as a soul, remember the Supreme and connect with Him. He is the powerhouse of virtues, knowledge and we need to connect with that powerhouse to charge ourselves up. Every hour irrespective of where you are, take five minutes out to simply remember yourself and the supreme and fill yourself up with the virtues. This becomes especially useful whenever you are in a situation or a conflict at which time you need the strength to face, to be a detached objective observer so you can adequately respond. Keeping yourself filled up with these powers and virtues will work in your favor then.

Connecting with Him often and spending time with Him (just as is the case with friends) deepens both your understanding of who He is and your relationship with Him.

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  1. Mohan sekhar says:

    Nice piece . Good definition of supreme soul

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