Life is an Adventure in Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness is a healing journey for both the body and soul
  • Forgiveness is a creative act that changes us from prisoners of the past to liberated people at peace with our memories
  • There is no future in the past. Non-forgiveness keeps you in the struggle
  • It is not forgetfulness, but it involves accepting the promise that the future can be more than dwelling on memories of past injury
  • To forgive means to “give up”, to let go; It takes no strength to let go, only courage
  • Being willing to forgive can bring a sense of peace and well-being
  • You can never live in the present and create a new and exciting future for yourself if you stay stuck in the past
  • When we forgive, we are willing to give up resentment, revenge and obsession. We are willing to restore faith not only in ourselves but in life itself
  • Life either expands or contracts in direct proportion to your courage to forgive
  • Forgiveness is the most important single process that brings peace to our soul and harmony to our life
  • Forgiveness is not something we have to do, but something we must allow to flow through us. We become aware that we are free and we can project that love outward into our world
  • The outward flow of divine love dissolving all hurt, all bitterness and all sense of injustice
  • Just allow the divine grace to express through us, to forgive through us
  • Forgiveness is the key to your own happiness. It ends the illusion of separation
  • Forgiveness is the form of love within the context of a personal crisis
  • The act of forgiveness constitutes a mental bath, letting go of something that can only poison us within
  • Forgiveness helps make peace with the past and creates the freedom to create a new future beginning now
  • Change is constant. There is tremendous freedom in letting go
  • Forgiveness is the liberation to free ourselves of things that clutter our lives
  • Like pruning dead branches or like a snake shedding its old skin, we need to let go of what no longer serves or what no longer fits so that there is room for something new, alive and what is needed at this time in our lives
  • When we stop holding on and clinging to anything, we realize we have everything. We no longer need to feel burdened by the responsibility of holding on to something
  • To forgive is to remember that we have room in our hearts to begin again and again and again


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2 Responses to Life is an Adventure in Forgiveness

  1. GULZAAR says:

    Beautiful clear message. There is a way to take this further and really apply it in practice.You can add two more sentences to this if you think it’s appropriate……..
    Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were.
    …..To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you……

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