Confluence of Love

There are many specialties of the present time- the Confluence Age. It is the climactic moment of the drama when the hero-prince beats up the villain and rescues the bride.  While it looks like it could be just another movie, what makes this moment special is that this would be the first time that the bride meets the prince! Yep, after having loved Him deeply and searched for Him the entire cycle, she finally meets Him….now that’s something isn’t it? But wait, if you think that’s how the story ends, you’re wrong because it gets tragically poignant. They have very little time to be together until Cinderella needs to return leaving her prince behind. She then loses her memory about Him but he doesn’t and He waits for another 5000 years until they meet again!

This story is also unusual in more ways. The bride resides in the corporeal world for most of the drama while the prince resides in the incorporeal world. She has the ability to experience emotions- of joy, sorrow, love etc. because she has a body while the prince cannot. He understands the emotions but cannot experience them until he assumes a body in the corporeal world too. He gets to do this only at the very end in that short, too short, climactic scene.

Imagine for a second that you were this prince that watches his bride, thinks of her for 5000 years before she finally remembers Him and He comes for her. It is a short time when He can come to her world, into a body and experience. Imagine how He must feel when He is able to see her and experience her presence after so long – a tsunami of love! If I am this bride, I too get to experience this pure, intense love for only this short time until I forget but it is heart wrenching to know that He does not. These experiences, memories formed here are the only thing He then has to hang on to for the rest of the time when she’s gone. So then, what kinds of experiences might I want Him to take with Him? What kinds of memories would I want to build with Him? I need to give Him all the love for 5000 years in this short time. I would spend every waking moment with Him, tell Him every little thing, eat with Him, sing and dance with Him and go to sleep with Him.

Guess what? This is reality- I am that bride and the prince is here. Am I spending every moment with Him? Too often we look at this story from the side of the bride and feel sad that she had to stay away for all that time before finding Him but then we forget that she did not miss Him for much of that time since she did not remember Him. We think that the prince has a better deal having to come only for a short time to the corporeal world and then rest for the remainder of the cycle. We forget that it takes an enormous amount of strength to come, meet the long awaited one you love and care for so deeply, return her to her kingdom and walk away being fully aware that she will now forget about you! And while she goes through her scenes during that time, He is silently watching over her, protecting her, guiding her and waiting for her to recognize Him again.

I’m proud that I know this soul and that I am in love with Him, that I am His bride and would in a heart-beat give up the opportunity to be the empress of the world if I could continue to experience His presence in my life forever. But the storyline is as immortal and unchanging as He is and so I will continue to write these letters for Him to keep along with our memories.

फूलों के रंग से दिल की कलम से तुझको लिखी रोज़ पाति
कैसे बताऊँ किस किस तरह से पल पल मुझे तू सताती
तेरे ही सपने लेकर के सोया तेरी ही यादों में जगा
तेरे खयालों में उलझा रहा यूं जैसे की माला में धागा
बादल बिजली चंदन पानी जैसा अपना प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार…..
इतना मधीर इतना मधुर तेरा मेरा प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार…..

सांसो की सरगम धड़कन की बीना सपनों की गीतांजलि तू
मन की गली में महके जो हरदम ऐसी जूही की कली तू
छोटा सफर हो लंबा सफर हो सूनी डागर हो या मेला
याद तू आये मन हो जाए भीड़ के बीच अकेला
बादल बिजली चंदन पानी जैसा अपना प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार…..

पूरब हो पश्चिम उत्तर हो दक्षिण तू हर जगह मुस्कुराऐ
जितना ही जाऊं मैं दूर तुझसे उतनी ही तू पास आये
आँधी ने रोका पानी ने टोका दुनिया ने हंसकर पुकारा
तस्वीर तेरी लेकिन लिये मैं कर आया सब से किनारा
बादल बिजली चंदन पानी जैसा अपना प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार…..

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