A special someone…

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha!

I want to tell you a story of a very special someone, so special that words don’t begin to do justice. His love so poignant that poetry falls short in singing its praise, His presence so powerful that you are helplessly captivated and His life story so exemplary that it begs to be told.

I know a special someone that lovingly lifts up each soul that is dirty, dilapidated, cleans them up with utmost care, is able to be a son, a mother, a father, the beloved to different souls in the same second and is committed to fulfill all their relationships, is there for them every time they remember them – He is God, the Ocean of Love.

I know a special someone that comes and teaches each soul the knowledge that will grant them an inheritance of heaven for 21 births, that fills their aprons with jewels that cannot be found anywhere else, that is able to communicate the knowledge to a rocket scientist and an uneducated housewife in the same classroom in a way that they both understand and enjoy – He is God, the Ocean of Knowledge.

I know a special someone that is so pure that despite residing in a faraway land is able to connect with any soul through a mere thought and be able to tell what you are thinking or feeling, be able to understand your stage from a mere glance at your face and behavior- He is God, the Lord of Yoga

I know a special someone that is so selfless that He tolerates all the abuses, the defamation and yet loves, makes each soul a prince from a beggar, drops them off at the gates of heaven despite being fully aware that they will all forget Him, His love, His care, that He even exists and yet walks away – He must be God, the Only Altruistic Server

And what do we souls do? We go off and live the royal life while He silently watches. When we’ve lost all His wealth, we call out to Him not quite remembering Him, His name but simply recollecting that there was someone great, a bestower who had adorned us with all the jewels. And He responds and goes to work on us again!

“How can you love someone that selfish again?” I ask. “I never stopped loving”, He responds with a smile. “But”, I reason, “we’ll lose all your wealth again, why would you trust us?” “That’s fixed in the drama. And I’ll always be there for my children when they need me”, He says. “How do you walk away dropping us at the heaven you’ve established?” I persist. He smiles and says, “It is quite alright….that’s my role in the drama. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll be right here when you need me”, He adds again.

Your heart is pierced by His selfless, unconditional love, you take Him in your arms and say to Him, “I want you to always be happy” blessing Him with all your heart. And He looks lovingly into your eyes without saying a word and you know that He will only be happy when you are.

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