KRIPALU – The Ocean of Forgiveness

The unlimited Father forgives you children. In what way does He forgive you? He doesn’t allow any of the bad things or weaknesses of you children to enter His heart, but He forgives you.

 Only when it is the Confluence age does the Father forgive you.

 Baba has put a full stop to all the past of you children.

 However, the Father does not forgive your sins because this is a study. The Father is teaching you and you children have to have mercy on yourselves by studying.

 Baba says: Children, I don’t have mercy on anyone. Each one of you has to have mercy on yourself. This Drama is predestined. Merciless Ravan takes you into sorrow. This too is fixed in the Drama. Ravan shouldn’t be blamed for this. The Father comes and simply gives you advice. This is His mercy. The Father explains: Children, become introverted and maintain your chart and you will be able to repent for the mistakes you have made. This is like forgiving through power of yoga. Baba doesn’t give forgiveness etc. The word “forgiveness” is not part of the Drama. You have to make effort for yourself. Human beings have to suffer the consequences of the sins they commit. There is no question of forgiveness! Baba says, make effort in every respect. The Father sits here and gives you souls ways to do this.

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