PARAM PRIYA – The Supreme Beloved

 Baba is the One who is loved by the whole world

There is the one Beloved of all of you lovers. All of you remember that One. He is so beautiful. The soul is beautiful. He is ever-beautiful.

Everyone remembers Him on the path of devotion and so they are all lovers, aren’t they? However, they don’t fully know the Beloved. They remember Him with a lot of love: Oh Beloved, when You come, I will only remember You and will break my intellect’s yoga from everyone else and connect with You alone.

 There is love between a lover and a beloved, isn’t there?

All of you are lovers of Me, the Beloved.

You have remembered Me, the One Beloved on the path of devotion.

Now I say: Simply become pure for this last birth

And simply remember Me accurately

And then you will be liberated from having to remember Me.

Baba has told you the example of a lover and her beloved. Although he is doing his work and she is at the spinning wheel, the beloved appears in front of her. The lover remembers her beloved and the beloved remembers his lover. Here you only have to remember the One Father.

Your love marriage is with that One.

The Husband of all Husbands has come to decorate you so beautifully. The soul knows that the engagement of the soul and the Supreme Soul is very powerful.

The Father says: Your love should be for Me alone. I, Myself, come and engage you souls to Me. This engagement is not to a bodily being.

The remembrance of the Beloved should become very firm.

You should have total cleanliness inside you. You souls have to be very good. You have had a love marriage. In a love marriage, there is so much love.

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