PIYU – The Beloved

The Father says: I am the One Beloved!

You have been calling out to Me, the Beloved!

You are lovers of half the cycle.

The Bridegroom is now speaking to you brides. He is called the bridegroom when He enters a body. Otherwise He is the Father and you are the children. All of you are the devotees who remember God. Brides remember the Bridegroom. The Bridegroom is everyone’s beloved.

The one Bridegroom comes and takes all His brides to His cottage that is free from sorrow.

That Beloved has now come. He makes all of you brides beautiful and takes you back home. He is the Unlimited Bridegroom of the unlimited brides. He says: I will take everyone back home.

Baba is the One who is more loved than life itself because He is the One who takes us away from sorrow and into happiness. The soul itself is called life. He liberates us.

Never again throughout the kalpa will you be able to meet this most wonderful Beloved. One Beloved and how many lovers? Innumerable lovers of the One Beloved.

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