A “Point” of Contradictions

He is the Dot and the Ocean

He is the Zero and the Infinite

He is the King and the Laundryman

He is the Creator and the Boatman that takes His creation from the shores of darkness into light

He is not Omnipresent but I see Him everywhere I am

He is the Observer but also my Companion

He is Detached but cannot bear to see me sad or distressed

He does not care to know what each one is thinking but seems to respond to each pure thought and silly desire I have

He does not come into Heaven yet, I feel as though every moment I spend with Him is Heaven

He is the most Powerful yet, surrenders Himself to love

He is beyond food or drink but likes that I share whatever I eat with Him

He does not have a body, yet His smile is so captivating and eyes so intoxicating

He insists He is the Beloved and not the lover yet, He waits for me as though He were

He says the Soul and the Supreme Soul are separate yet we are merged in remembrance!

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