Mama’s specialties – experiences of the Dadis (in English and Hindi)

Specialities of sweet Jagadamba based on the experiences of the Dadis:

Click here for the Hindi version

  1. Sweet Mama used to listen to everything that Baba said with such attention that it felt as though she was becoming that form at that time and this is why Mama always remained in an unshakeable, immovable and constant stage. We never saw Mama’s stage fluctuate. She never laboured; there was always the sparkle of the royalty of purity on her face. It is because of the personality of her purity that Mama is remembered and worshipped in the form of Jagadamba even today.
  2. We saw on Mama’s face what unshakeable faith was. Mama never mixed the dictates of her own mind with shrimat. Mama never said: This is my idea, or I think….but it was always, “Baba has said this, Baba has explained this.” She used to explain with such sweetness that everyone was able to understand it easily and with what purpose Baba had explained the significance of a particular thing.
  3. We never saw Mama engaged in ordinary activity; she was always royal. This is why Mama became Shiv Baba’s granddaughter, the daughter of Brahma Baba, Kaamdhenu mother who fulfilled everyone’s desires. Mama never had any desire for herself. She always remained full of all treasures.
  4. Mama played the most high and elevated part in giving sustenance to all of us children and, because of this, she has been called the goddess of knowledge. No one except Mama can receive this title. She imbibed Shiv Baba’s knowledge to such an extent that she became the goddess of knowledge. This is why Saraswati is remembered as the one who imbibed knowledge.
  5. Mama always had the intoxication of being in her self-respect and stable in her original religion. Ouroriginal religion is peace and Mama was an embodiment of power in this. Whatever Baba said, Mama’s intellect accepted that. Mama never said: I did this. She always signalled towards Baba. She was the daughter, and they were the mother and Father. Mama was so egoless.
  6. Mama is the daughter of Brahma. She had such cleanliness and power of purity that she became Jagadamba. Together with that, Mama also had such intoxication of “Hum so” that that intoxication was visible in her eyes, her features and on her face, as though she was truly Shri Lakshmi. Her sanskars were filed with: Who I belong to and what my future is.
  7. Mama always used to remain in solitude. Every morning she would wake up at 2.00 am and sit in Baba’sremembrance in solitude. Due to this effort, we could often see Mama in her perfect form.
  8. Mama was number one obedient. Mama understood each of Baba’s signals and then related it to uschildren with such clarity. There is clarification of everything in Mama’s elevated versions. Mama’s face would also reveal how we should have love for Baba.
  9. Mama always used to say: All of you make so much effort to accumulate power and you then spend it so quickly on useless things! You use your energy in useless matters and then become weak and sad. You don’t give yourself that much time to accumulate it but you just spend it throughout the day and you then become bankrupt. Then, when some situation comes in front of you, you say that it is very difficult because you don’t have any strength.
  10. Mama always used to say: “Every moment is my last moment”. “The One who is giving orders is making me move along.” Mama always remembered these two mantras and reminded everyone of them. With this mantra we will easily become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance and not be caught up in other complications. You will then be able to keep your intellects free from other things and fulfil Baba’s hopes.
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