JeevanMukti Data – The Bestower of Salvation and Liberation in Life

Baba becomes the instrument. He has come to give salvation to all.

Baba comes and gives you freedom in life. This is why He is called the Bestower of Salvation for all.

They go in front of an image of Shiva and say: Grant me liberation! Because Shiva is never bound in any bondage, He never has to be liberated. This is why they call out to Him: Grant me liberation! He is the One who grants liberation in life.

He is Heavenly God, the Father and so He would definitely come to open the gates of heaven. He would only come when it is hell. He opens the gates to heaven and shuts the gates to hell.

Everyone continues to makes mistakes. I come and make everyone free from mistakes.

The Father says: the term ‘renunciation of karma’ is wrong. People say that they want to be free from performing deeds, but Baba says: There will be freedom in performing pure activities.

Baba says: You have to live at home with your family. Baba never tells anyone to leave their home and family. No! Whilst living at home with your family, you simply have to become pure in this last birth. Has Baba ever said that you have to leave your home and family? No! Some children are doing God’s service whilst living at home. Baba has not made any of you leave your home.

 BapDada continually gives you teachings on how to become free.

 It is I who grants salvation to everyone through knowledge.

The Father says: No one has the knowledge of liberation or liberation in life. No one knows the Father….He is such a great Father! He says: You children, you are My helpers. If you weren’t My helpers, how would I be able to establish heaven?…I make you so wise that you don’t need to take anyone’s help. You won’t even need to take anyone’s advice.

Baba has made you a free bird, a flying bird. You don’t create a golden cage or a diamond cage, do you?

All souls are like kites. Everyone’s string is in the Father’s hands. He will take everyone with Him. He is the Bestower of Salvation for All.

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