God Comes and Establishes the World of Religious Souls

Everything has its own laws. Religions expand, move and finish. Everything is like that.

Baba says: ‘ I’m a soul, like you. There is no difference in the form but yes, there is a huge difference in the task. Those are called religious fathers who establish religion, and I’m the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Father. I’m not limited to being the founder of one religion, as they are. I come and establish the world of religious souls. My task is bigger than that of others, isn’t it! I became the World Creator, didn’t I? They are creators of religion and I’m the Creator of the whole world. As those souls come and do their task in their respective time, I’m also a Soul, and I also come in My time and do My task. There is a difference between the task of the religious fathers and My task, and this is why I am called God.’

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