United we Win, Divided we Lose

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं? Accha!

Baba talks about the power of togetherness, of being a family. He warns us of test papers that WILL come before us both from the members of the Godly family as well as from other souls. We’ve all made mistakes and we continue to learn and get better. If I’d attained perfection, there would be no reason for me to still be here in this body.

At the present time, we are both participants and witnesses to the war between good and evil; between Baba and Maya. While Baba has returned our memory, ordered that we return all the bad sanskaras we’ve picked from Ravan and reclaim our kingdom, Ravan would love for us to continue on in this old world, fight each other, kill and rape. I other words, for Baba to win this war, He needs all His children – us- with all our varied sanskaras to recognize Ravan and stay united. Ravan on the other hand requires us to fall apart. The sad reality today is that it doesn’t even take a big war to get us to fall apart, all it takes is minor tiffs or a difference in opinion!

To begin with, if a particular soul is being rude, insulting or angry, it is key to realize that the soul is in immense pain at that moment. Anger is nothing but a cry for help! That awareness helps me calm down and allows the soul to vent out the pain and feel lighter. It is equally important that I don’t accept any of the sorrow that emotions are meant to inflict. Instead, I let them go, let the water flow under the bridge and keep myself stable internally. Case closed! In any case, it helps to remember the fact that sorrow is caused not by the words themselves but by how I let myself feel about them. The minute I take sorrow from what’s been said or done, it is now a karmic account that doesn’t help me for sure but also causes disservice to an already hurting soul. Why? Because now, the other soul likely will take sorrow from me as well and loses out on the power that he/she could have drawn from my silent understanding. This confluence age is a time to settle old karmic accounts and clear the slate, NOT open new ones. And no points for guessing which souls we have most of our accounts with!

Another avenue for most test papers is when we engage in either Godly service or a team project in our lokik world. Just within a couple interactions, I identify and gravitate toward people who think and work like me. Others are simply wrong or not as effective! I don’t like it when my ideas are not accepted or executed the way I had envisioned. As it turns out, we are attached to various things – people, ideas, possessions etc. It becomes so much about “I being right” and “what is mine”. Baba always reminds us – the only time it looks good to use the word “I” is when I say “I am a SOUL” and the only time it looks good to use the term “mine” is when I say “My Baba”. This “my or mine”, He lovingly reminds us makes us wealthy (मालामाल) while every other “mine” makes us dirty (मैला).

A trick that we’ve all heard in our workplaces or schools before but never quite the way Baba says it is to develop the ability to switch between the awareness of being a “Master and Child”. He suggests that I become a child when it comes to working with others and a master in working on my own internal stage. In other words, if I have an idea I suggest it as a master and then immediately become detached from it or become a child and accept what the team collectively goes with. Not doing so means I think of an idea as “My” idea and am hurt when it does not get implemented. Instead, He says, be a child with companions and in gatherings and be a master as an individual. To move along with this balance is known as moving along while being knowledgeful. By doing this, I will easily be successful in every task. My stage will remain constant and I will easily be loved by all.

At the end of the day, the sooner my intellect accepts the REALITY that this is my family, the better equipped I am to pass each test that comes before me. I accept mistakes made by family members I am born with or by close friends and help them get over a situation, why is this any different? If anything these are the souls I have spent the longest time with in the cycle! Besides, as Ben Franklin said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do” but, as Thomas Carlyle adds, “it takes a great man to show his greatness by the way he treats little men”. Which camp am I in?

Unity in the family is our strength and is what Baba is counting on. Anything that breaks our unity is, without a trace of doubt, Maya. If I am able to spot a fault with someone else, it is because I have that same flaw within me. And therefore, just as I appreciate the opportunity to make incognito efforts to correct my flaw, let me respectfully allow the other to make similar efforts by remaining incognito as well. In other words, let go!

It comes down to making my own attitude (वृत्ति) pure and powerful. A flawed or impure attitude corrupts the vision (दृष्टि) as well and then everything I see becomes tainted. By making my own attitude pure and elevated, I am able to detect the real feelings behind what others say or do. I am then able to respond to or fulfill what are truly their heart’s desires or allay their fears.  

Let me reject the sanskars, not the soul! Have no doubt that this is what Maya would like me to do. She works her way into Baba’s camp through different avenues such as the ones we’ve explored earlier and is perpetually trying to divide and conquer. Allowing her to do that would be letting her win and letting Baba lose. Reject HER, give back Ravan’s sanskars, donate power to others to help them return theirs as well and stand united. Without us standing together as one (एकमत, एकरस), we cannot bring about the end of Ravan’s rule and Baba cannot finish His task. He cannot bear to see His children suffer but first, He needs to establish the foundation for the new world before He can destroy the old and take His children home. We are that foundation, the roots of the Kalpa tree. If the roots are weak, they will not be able to hold the tree together as it grows over the next 5000 years and this is not a tree that can be cut off in the middle of the cycle and replanted again.

Not standing together is not just unfair to me, it is unfair to Baba and by that to all that is good. Our strength is what will help us win this war – while it might take just one to start a revolution; it takes an army to win a war. There is great strength in a gathering so much so that a powerful gathering can with just one concentrated thought move mountains. Besides, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “If we don’t hang together, we will surely hang separately”.

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