Patit Pavan – The Purifier Part II

I am pure and this is why I purify you.

If I were to become impure as well, who would purify you?

The Unlimited Father says: Whilst living in the household, in this last birth, become pure for My sake. Baba begs these alms of the children. Become pure like a lotus flower and remember Me and even in this birth, you will become pure. And also, by staying in remembrance, the account of past sinful actions will be absolved….

Now the Father says: Remember Me alone.

Baba is now making your intellect clean with remembrance.

He is the Blotting Paper, the Purifier. He absolves everyone’s sins. He purifies the entire world. A human being cannot purify a human being…

You stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and purify yourselves.

On the path of Bhakti, human beings sing that God does everything. The Father says: My part is not such that I can cure those who are ill. My part is to show you the way to become pure…Don’t have any other hopes in the Father such as: “So and so is ill and he should receive blessings.” No! There is no question of blessings where I am concerned. For that you can go to the sages and the holy men!

The Father says: Remember Me! No one else can say these words…I have come to purify the impure. If someone doesn’t remain pure and tells lies, he only causes himself a loss.

Baba says: Having belonged to Me, if you fall into vice, it means that you have left Me.

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  1. Neveah says:

    Keep it coimng, writers, this is good stuff.

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